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Posted: April 02, 2012

It was an exciting time for the RWB School RD students who participated in the Showtime Convention and Competition March 9-11 in Winnipeg.  All results that placed in the top 3 are listed below:

Pre-Jazz Dance Ensemble – “Beautiful People” by Darilyn Burdeniuk – 1st place with an invite to Dance World Cup*

Junior Jazz Dance Ensemble – “Carwash” by Darilyn Burdeniuk – 2nd place

Intermediate Jazz Dance Ensemble – “Diamonds” by Kira Kjear – 2nd place

Senior Jazz Dance Ensemble – “Big Spender” by Darilyn Burdeniuk – 2nd place with an invite to Dance World Cup*

Senior Lyrical Jazz – “Cold Water” by Laurie Alston and rehearsed by Rachel Cooper – 2nd place with an invite to Dance World Cup*

Junior Tap Dance Ensemble – “Stix” by Julie Gregorchuk – 2nd  place

Intermediate Tap Dance Ensemble – “Men In Black” by Aimee Brasko – 2nd place with and invite to Dance World Cup*

Senior Tap Dance Ensemble – “Jumpin’ Jack” – 2nd place

Aisha Kunzig solo by Laurie Alston/Rachel Cooper – 1st place with an invite to Dance World Cup*

Soleil Kunzig solo by Nicole Egeland – 1st place with an invite to Dance World Cup*

Lia Loewen solo by Nicole Egeland – 1st place with an invite to Dance World Cup*

Delaney Giesbrecht solo by Karin Giesbrecht – 1st place with an invite to Dance World Cup*

Congratulations to all other participants and competitors who took part in the weekend’s events.

*Dance World Cup is the next stage of this competition and is held in Montreal in the summer. The RWB School will not be participating in this aspect of the competition.

Posted: April 02, 2012

Sending a big congratulations and thank you to the following RD Students who performed at the Satellite Recitals for a brilliant job. 

Beausejour Satellite Recital March 9
Coordinator Lea-Anne Bangert / RD teacher: Christine Wu

  1. Title: Albion Polka
    Dancers: Llana Arreza, Sophie Chen, Elke Hasselmann
    Choreographer: Kelly Bale
  2. Title: Ease On Down The Road
    Choreographer: Julie Gregorchuk
    Dancers: Zoe Eccleston, Maia Saunders and Aspyn Woodstock

St. Malo Satellite Recital March 15
Coordinator is Kathy Marion and Crystal Dubois / RD teacher: Denise Belzile and Jolene Kutzner

RD performances: 

  1. Title: Francis
    Dancer: Marina Lamontagne
    Choreographer: Karin Giesbrecht
  2. Title: Le Plaisir
    Dancer: Magdalena McGregor
    Choreographer: Kelly Bale

Altona Satellite Recital March 18
Coordinator Deandra Sawatzky / RD Teacher: Marilee Schroeder
Title: Skinny LoveDancers: Aisha KunzigChoreographer: Laurie Alston, rehearsed by Rachel Cooper

  1. Title: Ole de la Curra
    Dancer: Emma Sickert
    Choreographer: Maritel Centurion 

Gimli Satellite Recital March 19
Coordinator is Kimberly Becker and Cheryl Ellison / RD
Teacher: Katie Devonshire

  1. Title: Car Wash
    Dancers: Danika Burdeniuk, Julianne Chartier, Megan Gareau, Soleil Kunzig
    Choreographer: Julie Gregorchuk
  2. Title: Watch Me
    Dancer: Soleil Kunzig
    Choreographer: Nicole Egeland 
  3. Title: Your World
    Dancer: Danika Burdeniuk
    Choreographer: Darilyn Burdeniuk 

Posted: April 02, 2012

All Junior 2 ITP students and those students in Levels 6B and up who are interested in auditioning for the Intermediate Intensive Training Program for the 2012-13 season are invited to attend the audition on Sunday, April 29 from 9:30-11:00am.  Registration and information regarding this program is available at the School Office and has been emailed to all eligible candidates.  The audition will consist of a ballet class which will include pointe work. 

The Intensive Training Program is designed for those students who are interested in investing more time in their ballet training and performance experience.  This audition is open to the general public.


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