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Posted: February 26, 2013

The School’s annual choreographic competition, First Steps, took place from February 12 to 15 in the Founders Studio and culminated with a Gala Performance and Awards Ceremony on February 16.  We were pleased to have Ms. Leticia DiRisio, Branch Manager of CIBC, in attendance and to help present the CIBC Award.  The School would like to thank the following  artists who volunteered their time to sit on the jury:

Mark Cameron, RWB School Artistic faculty, musician, children’s entertainer

Donna Fletcher, Actor/singer/director; Faculty member at University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre and Film

Odette Heyn-Penner, Co-director/Co-founder, The School of Contemporary Dancers Professional Program

Carman Johnston, Capital and Endowment Campaign Manager, PTE

Vanessa Léonard (née Lawson), RWB Principal Dancer

CindyMarie Mack (née Small), Former RWB Soloist

Roman Rykine, RWB School Artistic faculty

Arlene Minkhorst, RWB School Director

A total of ten awards were presented at the First Steps 2013 Gala and Awards ceremony, as follows:

CIBC Award for Innovation, Seth Buckley, Level 7, for Please Empty Your Pockets

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Award, Jesse Petrie, Level 7, for Tendencies

First Place Jeppe Hansen, Level 7, for Humoresque

Second Place Jesse Petrie, Level 7, for Tendencies

Third Place Mark Griffiths, Level 7, for Femina Vires

People’s Choice Award Akanbi Babatunde, Level 6, for Botho

The Doreen MacDonald Scholarship, Isabella Pisapia, Level 5, for Incomparable

The Paddy Stone Scholarship, Connor Coughlin, Level 6, for Something’s Bound to Begin

Honourable Mention, Julia Jones-Whitehead, Level 7, for La Réunion Read more »

Posted: February 19, 2013

If you missed another fantastic presentation by Peter Quanz and RWB Dancers at The New Music Festival don't miss 3 World Premieres at Q Dance. Feb 22 & 23, 2013. Gas Station Arts Centre - 445 River Avenue, Winnipeg.

Q Dance is presented by Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet. For its fourth Winnipeg season, Q DANCE will feature three World Premieres, including Quanz's new duet for WCD’s Johanna Riley and RWB dancer Sophia Lee, the completion of a work Quanz first workshopped in June 2012, and a new work by RWB dancer Yosuke Mino. Quanz’s celebrated ballet Luminous will also be performed in addition to these new works.

Posted: February 08, 2013

Recently RWB School Aspirant Ryan Vetter was given the
opportunity to join the company on the US Moulin Rouge ® – The Ballet tour. Ryan’s hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota was the last stop of the tour and as you can imagine, much excitement ensued! We sat down to chat with Ryan about his experiences!

How did you feel about being added last minute to the casting for the US Tour? Excited, nervous, happy, all of the above?

Ryan: A little stressed – I had to learn everything so fast having been thrown in. I was excited because I was going to
e performing in my hometown and because it was my first real tour with the RWB Company. It was also the first bus tour I’ve been on.

Can you put into words how you felt up in front of your family and friends in your hometown?

Ryan: It was really fun because it was the last show so I felt the most confident because I had practice. It was an amazing feeling knowing that your family and friends were there supporting you. At the end we
got a standing ovation, and the waiters (the part I played) received a large applause.

What’s next up for Ryan?

The Sleeping Beauty (March 6-10, 2013 at the Centennial Concert Hall)
In Concert (May 15-18, 2013 at the Shaw Arts Centre)
On the Edge (May 30 & 31, 2013 at the RWB Building)

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