2015/16 Scholarship Recepients

RWB Professional Division Summer Session Scholarship

2015 recipient: Alexander Luke

RWB School Student Council Scholarship

2015 recipient: Victoria Clerico

Doreen MacDonald Scholarship

2015 recipient: Nicolas Noguera (awarded at First Steps 2015)

Millicent Rockwell Donnelly Bursary

2015/16 recipient: Miranda Lazarenko

Paddy Stone Scholarship

2015 recipient: Keaton Leier (awarded at First Steps 2015)

University Women’s Club/Dr. Alice Cheatley Bursary

2015/16 recipient: Abby Harris

Leon & Lorraine Rubin Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Ana Mekvabishvili

David Peregrine Memorial Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Caeden Meyer

University Women’s Club Performing Arts Bursary

2015/16 recipient: Julianne Chartier

Daimler-Chrysler Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Jasmine Brown

Rene Highway Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Bryce Taylor

Jane McEvoy O’Donnell Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Kolbie Edwards

Dr. Alice Cheatley Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Nicolas Noguera

Kally Kennedy Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Lisa Brooks

Nijinski Dance Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Monika Haczkiewicz

Odette & Odile Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Polly Guay

Juanita Y. Alexander Scholarship for Artistic Excellence

2015/16 recipient: Yuya Mizushima

Investors Group Professional Division Summer Scholarship

Summer 2015 recipients: Layla Hamnett (BC); Abigail Wright (AB); Ethan Hemeon (SK); Taralyn Bishop (MB); Sage Irvine (ON); Maeva Marcolini-Bowes (QC); Eve Justason (NB); Keegan McIntosh (NS); Sadie Stapleton (PE); Katie Hardy (NL)

Investors Group Fall/Winter Professional Division Scholarship

2015/16 recipients: Josh Phillips, Jonah Schroeder, Nathaniel Ritter-Magot

Craig Music & Entertainment Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Alexander Castro

ESSO Kids Award of Excellence Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Nathan King-Pacis

Endowment Award

2015/16 recipients: Yuya Mizushima, Alexander Castro

Julia Arkos Memorial Award

2015/16 recipient: Sydney Barber

ANR Pipeline Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Audrey Cook

Canadian Pacific Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Tania Angelovski

RWB Alumni Scholarship

2015/16 recipients: Hannah Smith, Jonah Schroeder

Founders Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Seung Yeon Lee

Royal Bank of Canada Award

2015/16 recipient: Abigail Newton, Erin Atkinson, Polly Guay, Destiny Malloy, Seung Yeon Lee, Ana Mekvabishvili

MacEwan Scholarship

2015/16 recipients: Mako Ayata, Brandon Lockhart

Evelyn Hart Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Samara Rittinger

Arnold Spohr Scholarship

2015/16 recipient: Kelsey Miller, Michel Lavoie

Prince Edward Award

2015/16 recipients: Victoria Jenkins, Keaton Leier

Individual Giving

Individual Giving

Your support is crucial in maintaining the dramatic beauty and elegance that our audiences applaud each season.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate investment opportunities enable you to partner with RWB in creating, presenting and teaching outstanding dance.

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David Moroni School Endowment

David Moroni School Endowment

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RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund

RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund

Providing assistance to students who need help to cover the cost of purchasing pointe shoes for class.

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