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Important Calendar Reminders

December 1 – 7 Parent Observation
December 4 Last day for ExplorAbility Session #1
December 6 Last day for ExplorAbility for Parkinson’s Session #1
December 10 Deadline to submit requests for audition materials
December 19 RD Physio ends for the holidays
December 8 & 14 Last day for Movers and Shakers I
December 21 Last day to drop off food for Winnipeg Harvest
December 19 – 28 RWB Company performs Nutcracker
December 22 – January 4 Winter Break (No RD classes)
January 5 RD classes resume


Are you wondering what your child has been up to in class? Well, we are really excited to show you! Classes will be open for observation for parents from December 1 – 7. This period of observation allows you an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and for teachers to share valuable information about the remainder of the year with you.

We ask that all guests remove their outdoor footwear before entering the studios and please turn off all cell phones. Video recording is not permitted, and photography is only permitted if you are taking pictures of your own child. These policies are in place for the protection of all students. We also ask that all students choose another week to take make up classes.


The first session of the Movers and Shakers program (3-year-old creative movement) will be coming to an end as of Saturday, December 14th. The second session will begin on Sunday, January 5th. Movers and Shakers II will not involve parent participation; however parents will be invited to view their child’s class during Observation Week. All registrations are currently being accepted through the School Office. Current Movers and Shakers students are welcome to register for the second session if they did not do so when they initially registered.


Donating to Winnipeg Harvest is one of the ways that our students can give back to the community. We will have Harvest bins placed outside the School Office from December 1 – December 21 for students, staff, and parents to drop of their non-perishable food items. This time of year is always a difficult time for some families and we encourage our own RWB School families to help out in any way they can in lieu of gifts for teachers. Most needed items are:

  1. Canned fish and poultry – tuna, or salmon (packed in water) chicken or turkey
  2. Canned fruit and vegetables (packed in own juice)
  3. Canned stew, chili, brown beans
  4. Peanut Butter
  5. Baby Food - jars of chicken, beef, vegetables or fruit, infant cereal such as oatmeal, barley or rice, Formula with added iron (While donations of infant formula with added iron are needed, Winnipeg Harvest supports breastfeeding.)
  6. Whole grain pasta/whole wheat pasta
  7. Rice – brown, converted or parboiled
  8. Canned spaghetti sauce or tomatoes
  9. Cereal – high fiber, non-sugar coated
  10. Canned soup – lentil, pea, vegetable


On Sunday, November 24th the RWB School performed at Dance Manitoba’s annual Members’ Showcase. This event is dedicated to the promotion of dance and dance education in Manitoba. The Showcase Concert provides an opportunity for dancers to experience performing on stage in a professional environment and for Manitobans to sample the range and diversity of dance talent in the province. The variety of dance disciplines represented at the Showcase Concert include jazz, modern, tap, ballet, hip hop, and musical theatre. This year, the RWB School performed “Harmony”, choreographed by Claire Marshall and performed by Morley Anderson, Madeleine Baldwin, Grace Bell, Cadyn Boss, Kalsea Codilan, Kennedy Didkowski, Mia Fontaine, Sarah Froese, Zoe Gagnon, Anneliese Gasmen, Autumn Giesbrecht, Naomi Jenkins, Oscar Lavitt, Julia Mainprize, Emily Marshall, Brynn Reynolds, Katherine Robinson, Charlotte Smith, and Lily Tibbs.


The RWB School is kindly asking that parents of RWB Recreational Division students who are interested in auditioning for specific performance opportunities, summer schools or workshops in the city or abroad, inform their child’s dance teacher or the Principal. The RWB School endeavours to support students through these audition processes, and ensuring teachers and the Principal are aware of participation helps us to do so. Please note, if students or parents are requesting support from the RWB School by means of video auditions or letters of recommendation, they must pick up an application form at the School Office and hand it in by December 10th.


Rediscover the magic of your childhood with Nutcracker December 19 - 28, 2020. As the clock strikes midnight the adventure of a lifetime begins. Before the final curtain falls, Cla ra will battle the evil Mouse King, fall in love with her dashing Nutcracker prince and find herself on a storybook journey that will take her into the heart of a timeless fairytale.

The breathtaking production features a cast of characters of all ages from the RWB School and Company. A magical Tchaikovsky score is showcased in its full glory by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and accompanied by a live choir whose voices soar as Clara and her Prince begin their journey. As much a part of the holiday season as pond hockey and mistletoe, Nutcracker is a Christmas tradition for all ages.

Reminder, as patrons of the RWB family you receive a discount to all Company performances, please check the schoolbulletin board 2 weeks before opening night for details.


The RWB’s Development team needs volunteers for our annual pass the slipper campaign during Nutcracker. Funds raised from our pass the slipper campaign directly support the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. If you are attending a Nutcracker show (Dec 19th-28th) and can volunteer 15 minutes of your time during intermission, we’d be grateful for your help. Please contact Michèle Kern with which days you’re able to assist. Thank you! E: P: 204-957-3457


Dec 1 - 21 Regular Hours
Dec 23 9am – 5pm
Dec 24 - Jan 1 CLOSED
Jan 2 & 3 9am – 5pm
Jan 5 Regular Hours


The RWB building is not only a School, but also a place of business. While in the building, students, parents, and siblings are asked to respect the shared space and keep noise levels to a minimum. Quiet activities are permitted in the waiting areas; the tables in the Atrium are available for students to complete their school work and provide a clean environment to eat their meals while waiting for classes. Students and parents are encouraged to share the space appropriately. If you are not using the table, please allow others to use it.

All students under the age of 12 are required to be supervised by a parent/legal guardian and escorted to and from assigned studios for classes. Parents are asked to ensure that all students are picked up within 30 min after their classes/rehearsals/events are finished and/or before building closure.

Students are not permitted to be on the 4th floor before, after or between classes. Students whose classes are scheduled on the 4th floor should remain in the Atrium (2nd floor) until 5 minutes before their class begins at which time they should take the stairs to the 4th floor. All students Level 2 and lower are to meet their teacher in the Atrium and the y will be escorted to the 4th floor. At the end of their classes they are to make their way back to the Atrium.

Parents are asked to refrain from observing classes on the 2nd floor from the 3rd and 4th floor balconies. This can be distracting for the students and teacher. Many of the studios have small windows on the doors for parents to catch a brief look; however that too can be distracting for prolonged periods of time. We invite you to come right into the studio in December for our Parent Observation class. We will be happy to show you everything your children are doing!

Due to privacy protection regulations, parents are not permitted to take pictures or video any portion of their child’s class. Parents are welcome to take pictures of their children in the studio by themselves or with the teacher AFTER the class if time permits.

Students are reminded that they should be taking the stairs when going between floors. This e nsures that the elevator is left free for those who require stair-free access.


Parents are required to inform the school office at school@rwb.or g of any injury that restricts or prevents a child’s participation in dance classes. We will then inform the child’s teacher of any adjustments that need to be made for the child throughout the class. If the injury is severe enough that the child is not able to participate in any way, we ask that the child audits the class. If the child is seeking physiotherapy or other treatment it would be helpful if the parent could ask for a detailed description of the injury and any restrictions that are required from the physiotherapist or doctor.

The RWB Physiotherapy department provides students with a clear written description to provide to their teachers of their limitations and how to proceed in their classes between appointments. If parents wish to pick up a copy of this document to use when they seek treatment outside of the RWB, they may do so at the School Office.

If your child is sick, we ask that they stay at home to recover.


The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is pleased to be able to offer our Recreational Division students discounted parking in our Parkade located adjacent to the RWB building off of Edmonton Street. Students and parents will be able to park in the RWB Parkade for $2 when Recreational Division classes are scheduled. An email was sent to all registered families with instructions on how to validate this discounted parking.

2019-20 Parking Cards for MTS Center Event Nights:

  • Upon request, all registered students will be issued an official 2019-20 RWB Parking Card (a maximum of 2 cards will be issued per student) from the RWB School Office. RWB Parking Cards are non-transferable.
  • On an event night, parents and students wishing to park in the RWB Parkade at the discounted rate can do so (space permitting) by showing their assigned pass to the parking attendant. A ticket can be pulled from the machine as described above upon entry, and payment can proceed as described in the aforementioned email.
  • Students and parents unable to provide their assigned pass to the parking attendant will be required to pay full event parking fare, accepted in cash only.
  • Damaged parking passes can be replaced by producing/returning the original pass to the RWB School Office to receive a replacement.
  • Lost RWB Parking Cards may be replaced for a fee of $100.

We look forward to providing you with this convenient parking option, and encourage all parents and students to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity for RWB students and parents.


We are always eager to know of any student accomplishments in the dance world outside of the RWB! Please email to share any accomplishments that you would like to share with us and the rest of the RWB student body in the monthly newsletter!


  • We ask parents to please ensure their child(ren) are using the stairs whenever possible, and that they are not using the elevator unnecessarily. We have been informed of many instances of children playing in the elevator and for their safety and that of others, we ask that this not continue.
  • All belongings should be locked in lockers to avoid theft. The RWB School cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Items left in public areas (i.e., outside of studios or in waiting areas) will be removed and placed in our school office until their owner returns to retrieve them. We ask that any incidences of vandalism or theft be reported to the RD Principal so that we can work to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.
  • Please refrain from idling our vehicle in the drive-thru when waiting for their children. The RWB Drive Through is for pick up and drop off only. All vehicles left unattended in the RWB Drive Through/Fire Lane will be towed. Vehicle owners will be responsible for any charges or damages associated with their vehicle being towed from RWB property. Warnings will not be issued.