Euro Tour: Paris

Nov 16 2015 | Posted in Newsletter

Exactly right. What can I say?... “la vie en rose” completely! Paris is everything you have imagined and none of it, all in the same beautiful blur of sound and light, that possesses you from the moment you arrive. Jo-Ann and I used our 4 consecutive free days between Germany and the Netherlands to take a trip to Paris. The city of lights, love, whatever you want to call it. It is an inspiring place unparalleled by anything I have experienced in my life. Every nook and cranny of this city is surrounded in historical, effortless beauty, modern ideas and trends, as well as the subtle yet understandable reasons why so many artists and travellers alike have been inspired by this city.

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, Arc De Triumph, the usual stops were first, as well as a Paris landmark, “Brasserie Lipp”, where the literati and artists of the past met, dined, and shared ideas (amazing escargot, pâté, and duck confit). True mid-century dining… white shirt and black tied waiters and hosts, as well as every detail taken care of to the fullest extent.

Walking along the Seine River both day and night, crossing under the very bridges that the greats, Picasso, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Degas, and Hugo, all wrote about and were inspired by, puts you in a place of comfort and disbelief, almost as if you have a deeper connection to their works just by being there. Stunning street art original and recreations alike, as well as books old and new, line the bridges and streets around the water making it the perfect location to let your mind wonder and enjoy a little down time. The musicians all seem to be playing the same soundtrack which as it turns out were a lot of the songs used in Moulin Rouge® - The Ballet. Hearing them live and interpreted in their own way was amazing. No matter where you go you never miss a note.. It’s as if the music itself is following you, pushing you from side to side: look here, look there… but keeping you always on your path.

The people of this city always seem to be going somewhere. Never stopping, but never walking so fast as to ignore or forget where they are. The Parisian way seems to be ... “I’m late .... But that’s ok”, which never fails to keep things exciting.

An amazing antique market in the north of the city is where we ended up, and incredible doesn’t even start to express the treasures we would find. Vintage Chanel, Hermes, full mantle pieces, full rod-iron spiral staircases, art work, and jewelry. We spent time with all of them, especially some very unique vintage engagement rings…... Jo looked amazing in all of them wink

The Moulin Rouge!!!!!! The reason we are here. The world famous, universally known and highly regarded Cabaret house, which opened its doors in 1889 and has been in operation since, was a highlight to say the least. Jo-Ann and I were in awe. The show is a true spectacle!! We were treated to early entry, amazing seats, and champagne, all for free. We had written a contact from the Moulin Rouge that responded to us with excitement and joy to the notion of us seeing the show and really getting into character. The theatre is gorgeous: deep reds floor to ceiling, chandeliers, white linen table cloths, and memories of the past stars and glory of the Moulin Rouge everywhere the eye could see. The show itself will be something we keep to ourselves forever. Fans, feathers, headpieces, heels, snakes, over the top acts, and yes stunning topless performers are all I am going to say about that smile

Our last day: sunny and picturesque. We finished our trip with breakfast at L’Annexe, then another walk from the Louvre to the Champs Elysses, stopped at a couple filming locations from a favorite of ours ... Midnight in Paris, and a little break in the beautiful Jardin Du Luxembourg. The perfect end to an amazing trip.

The train ride back to Rotterdam was bitter sweet. Excitement to see this new city and explore its workings, yet sadness to leave Paris not knowing when we will be back but knowing without a doubt that we will. I truly feel as if a part of me is still there, sitting at the cafe, drinking coffee and staring into those eyes… Those green eyes that have led me to the best places and life I could ever imagine. Jo-Ann, my love forever.