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Important Calendar reminders

February 2 Cecchetti Ballet examination rehearsals
February 5 Steppin’ Out DVDs on sale
February 9 Cecchetti Ballet examination rehearsals
February 12-15 RWB School PD presents First Steps
February 17 Louis Riel Day – no RD classes
February 23 Cecchetti Ballet examination rehearsals
February 23-29 Parent Observation Week #2
February 26-March 1 RWB Company presents Moulin Rouge® - The Ballet


Our adult program students have been working diligently over the past few weeks in preparation for Steppin’ Out, the RWB School Recreational Division adult student showcase.
March 7 at 7:30 pm
March 8 at 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

DVDs will be available for purchase through the School Office between February 5 and March 14 (at 4:30 pm). DVDs are $30 (plus tax) each.


February 12, 13, 14 & 15 @ 7:30PM

Tickets are now on Sale!

For 30 years, First Steps has given students the tools they need to become successful choreographers, enhancing artistic sensitivity through awareness and respect for the creative process: inspiration, rehearsals, wardrobe, lights, artistic mentorship and finally seeing the curtain rise and sharing it on stage with the world.

Since 1990, First Steps has produced some of the finest choreographers of the past three decades including: Mark Godden, Peter Quanz, and Jera Wolfe, along with countless dance teachers who have become experts at working through this process quickly, year after year.

In 2002, a competitive element was added to provide feedback from some of the finest artistic minds in Winnipeg and further enhance the educational experience. This is a highly sought-after position, and we are pleased to announce the jury for the 2020 First Steps performance:

Brenda Gorlick, Choreographer, Performer, Instructor
Alanna McAdie, RWB Company Soloist
Eric Nipp, RWB School & Company Alumni, CIM®
Julian Pellicano, Principal Conductor, RWB
Catherine Wreford, RWB School Alumni, Performer, Choreographer & Teacher

First Steps has been a must-see performance for 30 years, due to the intimate and honest artistry on display. It can build you up and tear you down through the full spectrum of emotions conveyed by dance, and you will leave inspired to be more in tune to the world around you, and perhaps see how you can dance through life.


We are excited to open our studios for parent observation from February 23 – 29, 2020. We ask that all guests remove their outdoor footwear before entering the studios and please turn off all cell phones. Video recording is not permitted, and photography is only permitted if you are taking pictures of your own child. These policies are in place for the protection of all students. If you are moving from one class to another before one class finishes, please situate yourself closer to the door to avoid class disruption. We also ask that all students choose another week to take make up classes.


Sharing Dance encourages everyone to embrace the pure joy of dance in healthy, fun and FREE open dance classes. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED, just show up and discover how dance can enhance fundamental movement skills, inspire creativity and improve mental and emotional well-being.

Saturdays, February 1 - May 23
2:30PM - 3:30PM

Plus, save the date for Sharing Dance Day at the University of Winnipeg Axworthy Health & Rec Plex on May 29, 2020!
Find out more at rwb.org/sharingdance.


Cecchetti ballet exam rehearsals have been scheduled during the month of February and March. Please consult your child’s specific exam rehearsal schedule. All rehearsals must be attended to ensure the best possible preparation for your child.


If you have any questions regarding festival rehearsals please contact your child’s choreographer directly. The RWB School Office is able to pass along correspondence from parents/students to teachers however, please be aware that the teacher will not be able to receive your message until their next scheduled day of teaching.


February 26 - March 1, 2020

Students of the RWB School receive a 25% discount on up to 4 tickets to regular Company productions. The promo code can be redeemed online or in person at the Box Office. This code will be posted throughout the RWB building and emailed approximately 2 weeks before opening night.

Drawn to Paris by the city’s passion, a flame fuelled by the hearts of lovers and the souls of poets, Matthew and Nathalie tempt fate as they seek love and destiny at the infamous cabaret – The Moulin Rouge®. Seen and adored by over 125,000 people across North America, Europe, and Asia, Moulin Rouge® – The Ballet returns with a flurry of high-kicking choreography set to a rousing French soundtrack.

The most famous cabaret in history, the Moulin Rouge has been the subject of many books, paintings, movies and musicals birthplace of the Cancan and home to a cast of outrageous dancers known as the Diamond Dogs. When the Moulin opened, Paris was a city of exquisite contradiction; art was both elevated and abused, pomp and excess ran hand in hand with poverty and hardship, and the heady elixir of personal freedom bred lifestyles that were often reckless and addictive.


We would like to remind all parents and students of the importance of arriving on time to class. Students who arrive late not only miss out on crucial instruction and adequate warm up to avoid injury but are also very distracting to other students and that class as a whole. A student who frequently arrives late and misses important material may not master the skills required to progress to the next level.

We would also like to stress the importance of students arriving for class in their designated uniforms. Our dress code was developed for each discipline to promote ease of movement, safety, and allows instructors to determine whether the student is executing movements with the correct alignment. As well, all Dance Spectrum costumes are chosen based on the uniform for each class and all students are required to come to these events with a complete uniform for each discipline. A copy of our dress code can be found here and students who arrive without their proper uniform may not be permitted to participate in class. For students who have multiple classes in a row and are finding it challenging to change from one uniform to another, please note that students are permitted to wear their ballet uniform to all classes and should change only their shoes to reflect the class they are currently participating in.

Please note that our Drive Thru (off of Edmonton Street) is a designated drop-off/pick up zone. Idling and parking in this zone is prohibited. If you require parking, please either use our adjacent parking lot (also off of Edmonton Street) or the street parking that is available.


We are always eager to know of any student accomplishments in the dance world outside of the RWB! Please email school@rwb.org to share any accomplishments that you would like to share with us and the rest of the RWB student body in the monthly newsletter!


  • We ask parents to please ensure their child(ren) are using the stairs whenever possible, and that they are not using the elevator unnecessarily. We have been informed of many instances of children playing in the elevator and for their safety and that of others, we ask that this not continue.
  • All belongings should be locked in lockers to avoid theft. The RWB School cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Items left in public areas (i.e., outside of studios or in waiting areas) will be removed and placed in our school office until their owner returns to retrieve them. We ask that any incidences of vandalism or theft be reported to the RD Principal so that we can work to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.
  • Please refrain from idling our vehicle in the drive-thru when waiting for their children. The RWB Drive Through is for pick up and drop off only. All vehicles left unattended in the RWB Drive Through/Fire Lane will be towed. Vehicle owners will be responsible for any charges or damages associated with their vehicle being towed from RWB property. Warnings will not be issued.