Fire Drills

Oct 11 2014 | Posted in Blog

The RWB is a large building and has several exits. It is important that the students familiarize themselves with the nearest exits in case of a fire or other emergency. The School will be conducting random fire drills over the next month to ensure that students become comfortable with these exit procedures. Although we will be conducting several drills, it is impossible to ensure that all students will be present for them. Teachers will be explaining safety procedures to all of their classes. During these drills ALL students, parents and staff are to participate in the safety procedures. Staff will be providing direction throughout the building.Parents are NOT to remove their children from the class at the sound of the alarm, however may accompany their child’s class to the holding area. This is crucial to ensure that teachers are able to know where all students are at all times.. In the event of an actual fire during inclement weather, the RWB Residence building is the holding area for students. Staff will direct students there accordingly.