Introducing En Pointe

Apr 03 2020 | Posted in En Pointe

Introducing En Pointe

RWB’s New Weekly Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the first release of En Pointe, the latest evolution of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s newsletter, formerly known as Spotlight. Starting today, you will receive weekly articles delivered directly to your inbox, written with our fans in mind. This is your chance to peek behind the curtain each week at the RWB.

For some time, the RWB has considered moving Spotlight to a more frequent release schedule. Now, with the impact of the coronavirus being felt thorough the world, we are excited to launch En Pointe. It’s always been our goal to be in regular contact with our patrons, and this is just one of the ways we hope to do so going forward. We hope that you’ll join us as we navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Our first article features a look into the lives of three professional ballet dancers and how their lives have changed as a result of physical distancing measures. We are currently in the process of preparing many other great articles in the weeks and months to come, as we continue to develop En Pointe and how it should intersect with our audience.

Thank you for staying with the RWB during this time of unprecedented turmoil. We’re counting down the days until we can return to the stage, but until then we hope you will join us online where we will continue to share our journey in many exciting, new ways.

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