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January 6 RD Classes resume
January 8 RD Physio Resumes
January 10 First Day of ExplorAbility Session #2
January 10 Deadline to register for the Cecchetti Workshop
January 20 Cecchetti Ballet Workshop
January 20 Cecchetti Primary Ballet Examination Payments Due
January 22 Cecchetti Primary Ballet Examination Rehearsal
January 22 Quantum Arts Program begins
January 25 RWB School Professional Division auditions at RWB
January 26 Cecchetti Examination Payments Due
January 29 Cecchetti Primary Ballet Examination Rehearsal


We would like to remind all parents and students of the importance of arriving on time to class. Students who arrive late not only miss out on crucial instruction and adequate warm up to avoid injury, but are also very distracting to other students and that class as a whole. A student who frequently arrives late and misses important material may not master the skills required to progress to the next level.

We would also like to stress the importance of students arriving for class in their designated uniforms. Our dress code was developed for each discipline to promote ease of movement, safety, and allows instructors to determine whether the student is executing movements with the correct alignment. As well, all Dance Spectrum costumes are chosen based on the uniform for each class and all students are required to come to these events with a complete uniform for each discipline. A copy of our dress code can be found here and students who arrive without their proper uniform may not be permitted to participate in class. For students who have multiple classes in a row and are finding it challenging to change from one uniform to another, please note that students are permitted to wear their ballet uniform to all classes and should change only their shoes to reflect the class they are currently participating in.

Please note that our Drive Thru (off of Edmonton Street) is a designated drop-off/pick up zone. Idling and parking in this zone is prohibited. If you require parking, please either use our adjacent parking lot (also off of Edmonton Street) or the street parking that is available.


For all students who have accepted invitations to participate in the Manitoba Dance Festival, choreographers will be contacting you this month to set up rehearsal times. Please speak to your choreographer if you have any questions regarding the Festival process.


For all students who have accepted invitations to participate in Spring competitions, choreographers will be contacting you this month to set up rehearsal times. Please speak to your choreographer if you have any questions regarding the competition process.


The RWB School is pleased to be offering ballet exams in the Cecchett i Syllabus for select levels. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week of the same level to be considered for these exams. These decisions are made by the student’s ballet teacher and will be based on their progress, attendance, and focus. Invitations will be sent out in the coming weeks. The exams will be in April and in preparation, a maximum of four Sunday exam rehearsals will be scheduled during the months prior. These Sunday exam rehearsals are mandatory and will take precedence over Festival rehearsals.

Upon completion of an examination, the student will receive a certificate and detailed report from the Cecchetti Society of Canada. Please be aware that ballet examinations are NOT mandatory to advance to the next RWB School and Cecchetti level (with the exception of Intermediate and Advanced exams). For more information please speak to your child’s ballet teacher.


The Manitoba Branch of Cecchetti Canada will be presenting a workshop on Sunday, January 20th, 2019 for students studying at the Grade/Standard 1 through to the Advanced 2 levels. Students are invited to work with talented guest examiners, Deborah Bowes and Mary Ross, and other experienced teachers in various disciplines.

Registration includes the following classes (level dependent):

  • Ballet
  • Pointe/Variations
  • Contemporary Jazz
  • Character
  • Improvisation

Registration Fees:

  • Grade/Standard 1 (RWB Level 1) $90.00
  • Grade/Standard 2 (RWB Level 2) $90.00
  • Grade/Standard 3 (RWB Level ¾) $113.00
  • Grade/Standard 4 (RWB Level 5A) $144.00
  • Grade/Standard 5 (RWB Level 5B/Jr 1 ITP) $152.00
  • Grade/Standard 6 (RWB Level 6/7/8/Jr 2 ITP) $152.00
  • Intermediate (RWB Intermediate ITP) $160.00
  • Advanced 1 (RWB Advanced 1 ITP) $160.00
  • Advanced 2 (RWB Advanced 2 ITP) $180.00

Sunday classes are scheduled to take place between 9:00am and 5:00pm and will include ALL Grade/Standard and Major classes.

Pre-registration Deadline Through the RWB School Office: January 10, 2019

Disclaimer: In submitting a registration for this workshop participants agree that Cecchetti Canada/MB Branch and / or Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and/or any of their representatives are not responsible for any loss or injury before, during or as a result of the workshop. Cecchetti Canada/MB Branch reserves the right to alter or change the schedule or faculty without refund but changes will be communicated to members as deemed appropriate. Participants agree that a refund will not be issued unless accompanied by a physician’s note and are subject to a 15% administrative fee. The Manitoba Branch committee must receive physician’s note by January 11, 2019, after this date no refunds will be issued. Classes are non-transferable.


Through First Steps, RWB School students increase their artistic sensitivity and gain awareness and respect for the creative process, giving RWB School students the tools to become responsible, professional, and open-minded young artists.

It is an annual competition and performance of new choreography by senior RWB School Professional Division students. It is designed to increase students’ artistic sensitivity, awareness, and respect for the creative process and is an opportunity to discover if they have a talent for choreography and to give them the tools to explore their potential.

Students choose the subject matter, length of their piece and style or dance genre. In order to accommodate numerous choreographers, each must adhere to a time limit of up to four minutes, to ensure that performances remain within a reasonable running time. Choreographers may choose to work with recorded music or live musicians and may use already existing or new compositions.

Finally, in coordination with the RWB Wardrobe Department, choreographers choose the costumes that best reflect their choreographic ideas, and with guidance from the Production Department, they design the lighting that will best support their dance.

For more information about the creative process, visit the website to check out First Steps: Behind the Scenes video series.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday, January 8 at 10am.


Winnipeg auditions will be held in Winnipeg on Friday, January 25 and we are excited to see a new batch of Manitoba talent.

We will be holding an Information Panel at 2 PM on Saturday, January 12 at the RWB Building, 380 Graham Avenue which will feature RWB Corps de Ballet dancer Jaimi Deleau and Professional Division Student Evelyn Little along with their parents. They will discuss what it’s like to grow up/raise a ballerina in their hometown which is also home to a world-renowned ballet company and school.

Deleau is currently the only member of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company from Winnipeg, although nearly 70% are graduates of the Professional Division. Little was awarded a scholarship from Dance Manitoba and is now in her second year of training in Level 3 of the Professional Division.

We understand the decision for both the parent and child to enter a professional training atmosphere as young as 10 years old it a difficult one. By featuring a family that has lived through the experience and another that has living through it we hope to provide families with a better understand of what it’s like to “Raise a Ballerina”

Pre-Registration closes January 17th at 9:00am for Winnipeg Auditions. Visit rwb.org/audition for more information.


You are encouraged to attend the Professional Division Master class led by an RWB Artistic Faculty Member on Friday, January 25.

12:00-13:30 | MasterClass10 - 13 yrs
12:30-14:00 | Master Class 14+ yrs

Master classes are an opportunity to improve your talent and technique by receiving instruction from someone you don’t typically train with. Pre-Registration closes January 17th at 9:00am for Winnipeg Auditions. Visit rwb.org/audition for more information.


As part of the Quantum Arts Program, 40 students from the Winnipeg School Division will be selected by their academic teachers to attend ballet, jazz and modern classes at the RWB School from January 22 – March 14, 2019.

Classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3:30p.m. The program will culminate with a demonstration at the Winnipeg Art Gallery from all participating disciplines within the Quantum Arts Program. We appreciate the generous contributions from the Children’s Heritage Fund which make this program possible at no cost to the students.


The RWB School would like to extend our thanks to all those RD stude nts and parents who donated non-perishable food items to this year’s Winnipeg Harvest Food drive. These items will surely help many Winnipeg families in need this holiday season.


We would like to remind all students and parents to remain respectful of the RWB facilities. Please ensure that any waste (i.e., food wrappers, etc.) are thrown out and that any f urniture that you may have moved is returned to its original spot. We also ask that students ensure they are using the sinks and mirrors located in the change rooms when doing their hair for class so that the washrooms remain scent-free, as per our Fragrance Policy. We thank you for your attention to and cooperation in this matter.