Know Before You Go To Twyla Tharp’s The Princess and The Goblin

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Yosuke Mino and Company - Photo Courtesy RWB Archives

​Twyla Tharp’s The Princess and The Goblin

September 27 - October 1, 2017
Centennial Concert Hall

CENTENNIAL CONCERT HALL: Now with Shaw open wifi available to all patrons! All beverages purchased at the Concert Hall can now be consumed inside the theatre as well as the lobby. Food may be consumed in the lobby only.

RUN TIME: 82 Minutes
DOORS OPEN: 60 minutes before curtain
PLEASE NOTE: As this is a one act show, there will be no intermission.

Tharp, one of contemporary dance’s most eminent figures, has created a true delight for audiences of all ages. With its clever choreography, original costuming and dramatic staging, The Princess and the Goblin is, at its heart, a dynamic and captivating tale.

The story of the ballet begins with King Papa’s garden party. While he is busy indulging in his guests’ attention, the children of the kingdom are kidnapped by the Goblin, who live in the mines below. Princess Irene tries to warn her father, but he is too preoccupied to hear her and does not act in time to save the children. Princess Irene attempts to rescue the children but fails, and her friend Curdie is captured and caged in the Goblin Kingdom. In her second attempt, the Princess is aided by her magical Great-Great Grandmother, who gives her a powerful weapon against the Goblin: a pair of pointe shoes. Princess Irene uses the shoes to defeat the Goblin, whose vulnerability is their tender feet. She frees Curdie, rescues the children, and all return home to King Papa.​


Join us before each performance for a question and answer session.


Join us immediately after the performance on September 28th on the piano nobile for an opportunity to meet and chat with Royal Winnipeg Ballet dancers.


Join us immediately after the performance on September 27th at Portal 16 to go for an exclusive backstage tour at no extra charge. Please note that there are 60 tickets available on a first come, first serve basis.