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March 4 Cecchetti Ballet Examination Rehearsals
March 4 Dress rehearsal for the Steppin’ Out adult student showcase
March 10-11 Steppin’ Out – RWB Founders’ Studio
March 15 Quantum Arts Finale at the WAG
March 16-22 Spring Observation Week
March 16-18 5678 Showtime Competition and Convention
March 18 Cecchetti Ballet Examination Rehearsals
March 21 Last Day for ExplorAbility Session 2
March 20-24 MOVE Dance Competition
March 25 - April 1 Spring Break – no RD classes
April 2 RD Classes resume


Cecchetti ballet exam rehearsals have been scheduled during the month of March and April. Please consult your child’s specific exam rehearsal schedule. All rehearsals must be attended to ensure the best possible preparation for your child.


Our adult program students have been working diligently over the past few weeks in preparation for Steppin’ Out, the RWB School Recreational Division adult student showcase.

March 10 at 7:30pm
March 11 at 2:00pm
March 11 at 7:30pm

Adult Tickets $18
Student/Child/Senior $16

DVDs will be available for purchase through the School Office between February 1 and March 19 (at 4:30pm). DVDs are $30 each.


Drop-in classes will be permitted in all adult classes after our Steppin’ Out performances, Monday, March 12, 2018. Dropins
will not be permitted into beginner level classes. Drop-ins are $20/class.


We are excited to open our studios for parent observation from March 16 - 22, 2017. We ask that all guests remove their
outdoor footwear before entering the studios and please turn off all cell phones. Video recording is not permitted and
photography is only permitted if you are taking pictures of your own child. These policies are in place for the protection
of all students. If you are moving from one class to another before one class finishes, please situate yourself closer to the
door to avoid class disruption. We also ask that all students choose another week to take make up classes.


March 16 - 18

RWB School Recreational Division Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, and Tap Dance Ensembles, along with select other
pieces, will be taking the stage at Fort Gary Hotel March 16 - 18 for the 5678 Showtime Competition and Convention. A
schedule for this competition has been emailed to all participa ting students and available through the School Office once
it becomes available. Good luck to all the participants!


March 20 - 24

RWB School Recreational Division Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap Dance Ensembles, along with select Musical Theatre pieces,
will be taking the stage at The RBC Convention Centre March 20 - 24 for the MOVE Dance Competition. A schedule
for this competition has been emailed to all participants and i s available through the School Office. Good luck to all the


Sharing Dance is an initiative used to motivate Canadians of all ages to participate in FREE, healthy, fun and creative
dance activities. Register on site.

RWB School Community Classes
380 Graham Avenue
Tuesdays, January 30 - May 29
Ages 6+ (Families Welcome)


Every school that enters the Manitoba Dance Festival must provide a certain number of volunteers based on their number
of entries. Volunteers are given roles at the Festival which may include: handing out certificates onstage, working at the
information booth or monitoring the audience. We truly appreciate any time you are able to donate on behalf of the RWB
School. Please stop by the School Office to sign up for this volunteer opportunity.


Join us twice a week, for 5 weeks, on July 2 - August 2, 2018 for Adult Summer Dance! We offer multiple levels of ballet,
hip hop, jazz, modern and tap to keep you moving all month long! The schedule and registration will be available Thursday,
March 8 at 10AM. Unfortunately the registration and schedule were slightly delayed due to unforseen circumstances.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Visit for more information.


DI-18 is a dynamic training opportunity for dancers ages 9-18 hosted by the RWB School. Dancers will develop their
ballet foundation, which will benefit their technique in all oth er dance disciplines. Training in the summer months also
allows dancers to stay in shape and tune up before classes in September. We are excited to add an original choreography
component, hosted by Guest Teacher Philippe Larouche, to the program AND it will be showcased for parents and
families on the final day!

Guest Senior level repertoire teachers include RWB Company Soloist, Yayoi Ban & RWB Corps de Ballet, Katie Bonnell.

Register by April 1 and save $100! Visit for more information


As we prepare for our year-end performances, we ask that all parents stop by the School Office to verify the spelling of the
name(s) of their child(ren) by March 24th, 2018. This will help to ensure our progr am accurately depicts the dancers in
each piece.


Reminder to all students participating in the Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival that Festival Preview Performances will
be held on April 19 - 21, 2018 at the RWB. These performances will showcase for parents all the pieces which the School
will be entering into the Festival, and allow for the students to perform their work in front of a supportive and familiar
audience. Each piece will perform once over the course of the three days in Studio 116. Due to restricted space in Studio
116, all students will be allocated two tickets for each show they are performing in. More information regarding ticket
allocation and performances will be available shortly.


We are always eager to know of any student accomplishments in the dance world outside of the RWB! Please email to share any accomplishments that you would like to share with us and the rest of the RWB student body
in the monthly newsletter!


  • We ask parents to please ensure their child(ren) are using the s tairs whenever possible, and that they are not using the elevator unnecessarily. We have been informed of many instances of children playing in the elevator and for their safety and that of others, we ask that this not continue.
  • Please refrain from using the automated accessibility button located at the entries to the RWB building unless you require its use. The frequent use of this button causes the lo bby and mezzanine levels to remain at a low temperature, thus making an uncomfortable environment for staff, students, and parents.
  • We ask that students who are sick stay home to rest. This will provide their bodies the opportunity to heal and will eliminate the spread of illness to their classmates. Students recovering from injury are encouraged to observe their classes and participate to the best of their ability. Speak to your child’s teacher about how best to manage their injury.
  • All belongings should be locked in lockers to avoid theft. The RWB School cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Items left in public areas (i.e., outside of studios or in waiting areas) will be removed and placed in our school office until their owner returns to retrieve them. We ask that any incidences of vandalism or theft be reported to the RD Principal so that we can work to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.
  • We ask that parents refrain from idling their vehicles in the drive-thru when waiting for their children. The exhaust from the vehicles permeates our ventilation system and can cause fumes to be present in the studios during classes.