Nov 01 2016 | Posted in Recreational Division Newsletter

Important Calendar Reminders

November 6-12: Fall Break – No RD classes
November 12 & 13: Triple Threat Dance Convention
November 14: Student Initiated Choreography Applications Due
November 18: RWB School Professional Division auditions (1)
November 18 – 20: Dance Manitoba’s Showcase Weekend
November 27-December 3: Fall Observation Week

Observation Week

Are you wondering what your child has been up to in class? Well, we are really excited to show you! Classes will be open for observation for parents from November 27-December 3. This period of observation allows you an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and for teachers to share valuable information about the remainder of the year with you.

We ask that all guests remove their outdoor footwear before entering the studios and please turn off all cell phones. Video recording is not permitted and photography is only permitted if you are taking pictures of your own child. These policies are in place for the protection of all students. We also ask that all students choose another week to take make up classes.

Student Choreography Opportunity

The Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival offers a category referred to as “Student Initiated Choreography”. This category allows students to choreograph their own dances as well as choose their own performers and costuming. Adjudication is based entirely on the work of the choreographer and not on the interpretation of the dancers. The festival takes place in mid-May at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre.

The cost to participate is $194. This fee will include the use of our studios for rehearsals, staff support and supervision at the festival, as well as the festival entry fee. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please pick up further information at the School Office. Please note changes to past guidelines have been implemented for this season.

A limited number of applications will be accepted. Applications will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be accepted until November 14th.

Dance Manitoba’s Showcase Weekend

Dance Manitoba will be hosting workshops at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre for dancers of all levels, aged 8 years or older, over their Showcase Weekend from November 18 – 20. The workshops are designed to provide dancers of all levels a weekend of programming where they will take classes, learn choreography, and perform! This year’s workshop includes choreography by Sherrie Sherger, and classes by Joanne Baker.

The fee for the weekend workshop is $30.00. Registration forms are available online at HERE.

RWB School’s Professional Division Summer Session Audition

The RWB Professional Division 2016/17 International Audition Tour has its first stop in Winnipeg on Friday, November 18 and we are in search of dancers intent on a professional career in dance or teaching dance.

Auditions will be held for the Ballet Academic Program, Aspirant Program, and Teacher Training Program. We encourage all those interested who are 10 years of age or older to participate regardless of your dance background or skill level!

Students are auditioning to gain acceptance into the Professional Division Summer Session (July 2017) in Winnipeg, which serves as the second audition phase to gain acceptance into Regular Session (September 2017 to June 2018).

For more information speak to the school office and visit our International Audition Tour page.

Request for Dance Clothes

RWB School percussionist Jay Stoller is collecting gently used dancewear to be sent to members of the Ghana Dance Ensemble, in Ghana, West Africa. Jay has personally studied and worked with many members of this group since 1995 and would like to assist them in acquiring dancewear! Members of this national dance company work extremely hard on their dance form every day. Jay has noticed that dancewear is either not available or very expensive in Ghana, therefore he is seeking donations of clothing such as dance pants, tops, tights, hoodies, and sweatpants, along with any other gently used dancewear you may own; both adult and child sizes are needed! These dancers work in bare feet, and as such, they do not require dance shoes. Jay Stoller will personally present any articles collected during his January 2017 visit to Ghana! Jay will be leaving a donation bin in the atrium where clothing can be donated, and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Parents on the 3rd and 4th Floors

Please note that parents/guardians and other family members are asked to wait in the atrium on the 2nd floor, on the mezzanine level, or in the lobby on the main floor while your child is in class. There is limited space on the 4th floor, and we ask for your cooperation to reduce the congestion on that level between classes by waiting on the 1st, mezzanine, or 2nd level. Please also note that parents/guardians and other family members are not permitted on the 3rd floor at any time. Additional seating has been provided for your convenience on the mezzanine level and in the lobby.

Call In When Absent

Parents, please remember to contact the School Office in advance if your child is not going to be attending a class so they can inform your child’s teacher that he or she will be absent. The School Office phone number is 204.957.3467.

Student Injuries

Parents are required to inform Nicole Kepp at of any injury that restricts or prevents a child’s participation in dance classes. We will then inform the child’s teacher of any adjustments that need to be made for the child throughout the class. If the injury is severe enough that the child is not able to participate in any way, we ask that the child audits the class. If the child is seeking physiotherapy or other treatment it would be helpful if the parent could ask for a detailed description of the injury and any restrictions that are required from the physiotherapist or doctor.

The RWB Physiotherapy department provides students with a clear written description to provide to their teachers of their limitations and how to proceed in their classes between appointments. If parents wish to pick up a copy of this document to use when they seek treatment outside of the RWB, they may do so at the School Office.

If your child is sick, we ask that they stay at home to recover.

Jump Dance Convention

Over the weekend of October 16-17, RWB School students attended the JUMP Dance Convention. Students and teachers participated in an exciting weekend of classes with JUMP faculty Misha Gabriel, Kayla Radomski, Mike Minery, and Katy Spreadbury.

Congratulations to Delaney Giesbrecht for being awarded JUMP Junior VIP Runner-up!

Congratulations to Alexandra Sahasrabuddhe, Kiara Sahasrabuddhe, Daria McKennitt, Meaghan Carnegie, Rachael Buchwald, Imani Smelsky-Remillard, Danika Burdeniuk, Megan Gareau, and Katie Welham for being awarded class scholarships!