Oct 05 2015 | Posted in Recreational Division Newsletter

Important Calendar Reminders

October 7: Deadline to register for Triple Threat Dance Convention
October 12: Thanksgiving – no RD classes
October 31: Halloween (RD Classes running as scheduled)
November 1: RWB School Professional Division auditions (1)
November 13-15: Paul Taylor Dance Company (more information)

Triple Threat Dance Convention

The RWB School Recreational Division will be attending Triple Threat Dance Convention on November 7 & 8. Triple Threat is an exciting weekend convention that provides students the opportunity to participate in classes with working choreographers in the dance industry.

Attendance at this convention will be mandatory for all registered Jazz Dance Ensemble students. All Tap and Hip Hop Dance Ensemble students are encouraged to participate at this convention, however attendance is optional. Students in Level 3 and up are also invited to register for this exciting weekend! Any questions regarding which level your child should register for can be directed to their teacher.

Registration Fees for this event are:

  • Junior - RWB School Jazz Level 3-5A ǀ RWB School Tap Level 3-4: $ 232
  • Intermediate - RWB School Jazz Level 5B ǀ RWB School Tap Level 5 – 7: $252
  • Senior - RWB School Jazz Level 6A + ǀ RWB School Tap Level 8 +: $252

The deadline to register for Triple Threat through our RWB School Office is Wednesday, October 7th.

Satellite Programs

The Manitoba Hydro Satellite Programs are an extension of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School’s Recreational Division and offer dance programming to students in rural Manitoba. This year we are running dance programs in Altona (taught by Hannah Arras), Gimli (taught by Lisa Brooks), St. Malo (taught by Lisa Brooks) and Eriksdale (taught by Karyn Maertens and Alie Wagar). The RWB School Recreational Division would like to extend a huge thank you to Manitoba Hydro for their continued support of this program and to the volunteer coordinators in each community who donate countless hours to ensure these programs run successfully.

Hallowe’en at the RWB School

This year, Hallowe’en falls on a Saturday. Students are welcome to wear their costumes to class to celebrate the event. This being said, we ask that parents ensure costumes do not restrict movement and allow your child to dance without hurting others. Props and masks will not be allowed in class.

RWB School’s Professional Division Summer Session Audition

The RWB School Professional Division will be holding their annual Summer Session auditions in Winnipeg on November 1st. This four-week intensive professional training program will give prospective students a taste of what professional ballet training is all about and is the next step audition process for the full-time Regular Session for 2016-2017.

Audition Schedule for Sunday, November 1st:

9:00 - 10:00: Audition, age 10-12
10:15 - 10:45: Q & A
10:45 - 11:30: Audition, age 13+

Auditions will be held at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, 380 Graham Avenue.

If you are interested in auditioning, please click here for more information and to access the downloadable registration form. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the School Office for assistance. An annual Recreational Division Scholarship for the PD Summer Session is awarded to one student who is currently registered in the Recreational Division.


Repairs to the female locker rooms on the 2nd floor and the male locker rooms on the 3rd floor are now complete. Students who are registered for a total of seven or more classes per week may request a permanent locker in the change rooms. Two students may combine their classes (to reach the total of seven classes per week) in order to acquire a shared locker. Locker requests may be made at the School Office, and allocation is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students registered for fewer than seven classes per week may use the smaller lockers on a temporary basis. Locks and contents must be removed at the end of each evening. You will notice that areas are designated for certain age groups in the ladies change room.

Please remember that lockers are to be kept clean. No writing or stickers will be permitted on lockers. Absolutely NO FOOD should be kept in the lockers. Regular locker checks will be conducted.

Building Hours

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Building hours for the 2015-16 Season are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 7:30AM – 10:00PM
Saturday: 8:30AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM – 5:00PM

The RWB School Office hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 10:00PM
Saturday: 8:30AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM – 4:30PM

The RWB Box Office hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM – 5:00PM

Please note, the RWB School kindly requests that parents ensure students are picked up promptly after they have finished their classes.

Student Pick Up

Please be aware that students under the age of 18 must remain inside of the RWB building until their ride has arrived. Parents are encouraged to use the drive-thru, located off of Edmonton Street, to pick up their children. Students are able to watch for their ride from the safety of our main floor lobby, and can exit the building once their parents have arrived. The safety of our students is one of our top priorities, and your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

New Classes!

Three new classes have been added to the 2015-16 Recreational Division Schedule! These new additions to our schedule are as follows:

Movers and Shakers - SUN, 11:10AM – 11:55AM; Teacher: SP; Performance: SC
Creative Movement II w/Ballet - SUN, 12:00PM – 1:00PM; Teacher: SP; Performance: SC
Creative Movement I - SUN, 1:05PM – 2:05PM; Teacher: SP; Performance: SC
Jazz Beginner 9 – 12 - MON, 6:30PM – 7:30PM; Teacher: DB; Performance: DS1

Registration for the Beginner 9 – 12 Jazz class (MON 6:30PM) ONLY will be open until October 10, 2015.

Jets Games Parking

The NHL season is upon us once again! If you are parking in the RWB parkade during Jets games, RWB patrons and staff should identify themselves as such. The attendant will charge the driver $5 (cash). At the end of the evening, the gate is left open and all are free to exit. Please note that while construction is taking place in our parkade, the number of parking spots available have been reduced.


Students are not permitted to be on the 4th floor at any time. Students whose classes are scheduled on the 4th floor should remain in the Atrium (2nd floor) until 5 minutes before their class begins, at which time they should take the stairs to the 4th floor. All students Level 2 and lower are to meet their teacher in the Atrium and they will then be escorted to the 4th floor. At the end of their classes, they are asked to make their way back to the atrium.

Due to privacy protection regulations, parents are not permitted to take pictures or video any portion of their child’s class. Parents are welcome to take pictures of their children in the studio by themselves or with the teacher AFTER the class.

Parents are asked to refrain from observing classes on the 2nd floor from the 3rd floor balcony. This can be distracting for the students and teacher. Many of the studios have small windows on the doors for parents to catch a brief look; however that too can be distracting for prolonged periods of time. We invite you to come right into the studio during our November Observation Week (November 15 – 21). It will be our pleasure to show you all of the exciting things your children are learning and accomplishing!

The tables in the Atrium are available for students to complete their school work and provide a clean environment to eat their meals while waiting for classes. Students and parents are encouraged to share the space appropriately. If you are not using the table, please allow others to use it.