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Oct 21 2015 | Posted in Spotlight

Get ready for the Paul Taylor Dance Company

“The American spirit soars whenever Taylor’s dancers dance.” – San Francisco Chronicle

The Paul Taylor Dance Company, established in 1954, is one of the world’s most highly respected and sought-after ensembles. Dance maker Paul Taylor first presented his choreography with five other dancers in Manhattan on May 30,1954. That modest performance marked the beginning of nearly 60 years of unrivalled creativity, and in the decades that followed, Mr. Taylor became a cultural icon and one of history’s most celebrated artists, hailed as part of the pantheon that created American modern dance.

The Paul Taylor Dance Company and Taylor 2, created in 1993, have traveled the globe many times over, bringing Mr. Taylor’s ever-burgeoning repertoire to theaters and venues of every size and description in cultural capitals, on college campuses and in rural communities – and often to places modern dance had never been before. The Taylor Company has performed in more than 520 cities in 62 countries, representing the United States at arts festivals in more than 40 countries and touring extensively under the aegis of the U.S. Department of State. In 1997 the Company toured throughout India in celebration of that nation’s 50th Anniversary. Its 1999 engagement in Chile was named the Best International Dance Event of 1999 by the country’s Art Critics’ Circle. In the summer of 2001 the Company toured in the People’s Republic of China and performed in six cities, four of which had never seen American modern dance before. In the spring of 2003 the Company mounted an award-winning four-week, seven-city tour of the United Kingdom. The Company’s performances in China in November 2007 mark its fourth tour there.

While continuing to garner international acclaim, the Paul Taylor Dance Company performs more than half of each touring season in cities throughout the United States. The Company’s New York City season in 2005, more than 25,000 people attended marking its Anniversary. In celebration of the Anniversary and 50 years of creativity by one of the most extraordinary artists the world has ever known, the Taylor Foundation presented Mr. Taylor’s works in all 50 States between March 2004 and November 2005. That tour underscored the Taylor Company’s historic role as one of the early touring companies of American modern dance. The 50th Anniversary celebration also featured a quartet of new dances.

In 2012 the Company enjoyed a triumphant three-week season in its new New York City performance venue, the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. Beginning with its first television appearance for the Dance in America series in 1978, the Paul Taylor Dance Company has appeared on PBS in nine different programs, including the 1992 Emmy Award-winning Speaking in Tongues and The Wrecker’s Ball—including Company B, Funny Papers, and A Field of Grass—which was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1997. In 1999 the PBS American Masters series aired Dancemaker, the Academy Award nominated documentary about Mr. Taylor and his Company. In 2004, PBS aired Acts of Ardor, featuring Black Tuesday and Promethean Fire.

The Paul Taylor Dance Company makes its Winnipeg debut November 13-15, 2015. Don’t miss out on three powerful works by “the greatest choreographer alive” (The New York Times).


It’s Never Too Early For Nutcracker!

Company Dancers Alanna McAdie and Yosuke Mino in Nutcracker, 2014
Company Dancers Alanna McAdie and Yosuke Mino in Nutcracker, 2014

The holiday season would never be the same without Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Nutcracker. This well-loved show has become a tradition for many Winnipeg families. Grab your favourite seats early and purchase your tickets today.

Remember! Child seats are only $25* and season subscribers receive 40% off regular adult price**

*plus taxes and fees **sections A,B,C,D cannot be combined with any other offers.


Filbert, Hazel the Polar Bear, her twelve furry polar cubs and the rest of the Nutcracker cast are ready to warm your heart with this classic family favourite.

RWB School Audition Tour Stops in November

Company Dancer Ryan Vetter, Photo by Rejean Brandt, Styled by Club Monaco
Company Dancer Ryan Vetter

Are you ready to make your dream a reality? The Royal Winnipeg Ballet invites everyone with the love of dance to audition for the RWB School’s 2015/16 Audition Tour. Students attend the RWB School Professional Division from across Canada and around the globe and many of them find their way to the RWB classrooms through their initial audition. The RWB School will be holding auditions for all three of the RWB School professional training programs: the full-time Ballet Academic Program for students from grades 6 to 12, and RWB School’s two graduate programs (Aspirant Program and the Teacher Training Program). Those who audition have the opportunity to win a full tuition scholarship for the four week Summer Session taking place in July 2016. Every student with a dream to dance or teach professionally is encouraged to attend.

For more information or to download the registration form, please click here or call the RWB School Office at (204) 957-3467.

Euro Tour: Part 1

The RWB Company is taking Moulin Rouge® - The Ballet to the stages in Europe with a six week tour of Germany, The Netherlands, and Italy. Follow dancers Josh and Jo-Ann: a couple’s experience of this tour, on and off the stage.

Well, it’s been a week for us, over here in Europe. So far we’ve performed 6 shows of Moulin Rouge® - The Ballet. The shows have been almost sold out, and the audiences seemed very delighted!

The journey to get here was quite the adventure.

Day 1:

Our flight out of Winnipeg was delayed. We missed our connection flight to Frankfurt, and ended up being rerouted through London, England. It was a nice detour. The flight wasn’t as long, and we had a few hours to roam around the Heathrow airport, and stretch out our legs before getting on another flight that took us to Stuttgart. We arrived. Everyone had their luggage. We were greeted by our presenter, Wolfgang, and off we went on a bus to get us to the hotel. 24 hours after the “airport call” in Winnipeg, everyone was checked in and on their own in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

The Ludwigsburg Palace
The Ludwigsburg Palace
The theater in Ludwigsburg
The theater in Ludwigsburg
Ludwigsburg Market Square
Ludwigsburg Market Square

Day 2:

It’s a day off!! Time to get outside and see what this place has to offer! First stop, breakfast. There is free breakfast offered in the hotel, but there are a ton of German bakeries and cafés… pastries, breads, spreads, cheeses, etc… We’re definitely in Europe! The town square is gorgeous, and it’s the perfect place to sit, relax, enjoy, and people watch!

We decided to go to the Ludwigsburg Palace where the Pumpkin Festival was being held. The grounds of the palace are stunning! There are beautiful gardens to walk through, a children’s trail to follow, complete with a mini boat ride on the river, and to top it off, the Pumpkin Festival! They have so many varieties of pumpkins… the colors, shapes, and sizes… the largest being 855kg!! It was definitely a sight to see!

After all the walking around, it’s time to eat! So many good restaurants, but the ones that stick out are Antipasto and Café Ennui. We couldn’t read the menu, but the waiters did their best to help translate. At Café Ennui we ordered the beef entrée. It was a traditional German steak with grilled onions, a red wine sauce, and served with potatoes. Of course, you gotta have it with a German beer!

Antipasto is an Italian restaurant. It was delicious! I ordered grilled octopus with green salad. Josh had pork served with a truffle cream sauce and fettuccine. The presentation of every dish that came out of the kitchen was impeccable! We finished off the meal with a tiramisu that was delightful!

Day 3-8:

Show time!!! Here we go!! We had 6 performances of Moulin Rouge® - The Ballet. The shows were great! The audience seemed a bit quiet with their applause during the show, but they expressed their appreciation during the final bows. In terms of the theatre itself, it was a beautiful venue with a really big stage! The stage floor was a bit of a challenge as it was an uneven surface, but we’re all professionals, and I believe we handled it beautifully!

Before one of the shows, Tristan had a bit of a stomach bug, so casting had to change last minute. We pulled it together, and put on a great show!

After our matinée performance, a group of the dancers took the train to Stuttgart to do some sightseeing and attend the last night of Volksfest. There were roller coasters, fireworks, a Ferris wheel, and many carnival games and plenty of food!

At Volksfest in Stuttgart
At Volksfest in Stuttgart

To celebrate our first week on the road, after our last show in Ludwigsburg we found a small little German pub, had a few drinks, and played some darts!

Day 9:

Travel day! Off to the next city! It’s a two and a half hour bus ride from Ludwigsburg to Schweinfurt. Stay tuned ....

Walking the adorable streets in Germany
Walking the adorable streets in Germany