May 22 2015 | Posted in Press Releases

Opening night of RWB School Professional Division presents La Bayadère: Kingdom of the Shades and The Misadventures of Pinocchio from May 21-23, also marks the launch of the RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund: a fundraising campaign designed to assist students in the RWB School with the costly, frequent purchase essential for all young ladies pursuing professional ballet.

Why donate to the RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund?

The yearly cost of purchasing pointe shoes for a student’s training over 8 years can be overwhelming to a family. The RWB School Pointe Shoe Fund supports dancers with pointe shoes for performance opportunities, and provides assistance to students who need help to cover the cost of purchasing pointe shoes for class.

Much time and many elements go into crafting the pointe shoe - satin, glue, and leather are used to create this quintessential tool for dancers in training. They are designed to break down and mold to the foot of a dancer in turn gifting the audience with those breathtaking moments we see on stage.


To join the RWB in spreading the word about the Pointe Shoe Fund, RWB School invites the media to enter the RWB Shoe Room, learn more about how a pointe shoe is made, and interview staff and dancers to talk about how vital these shoes are to the world of ballet and to the success of these young dancers.

To coordinate footage, photography or interviews, please contact:

Christa Mariash, RWB School Marketing Manager
T 204.957.3412

Did you know?

  • At 11 or 12 years old, young dancers will begin studying the art of pointe work and can only wear the shoes 15 minutes at a time.
  • After many years, the dancer will be able to train in pointe shoes for up to 6 hours straight.
  • Students of the RWB School’s Professional Division go through over 700 pairs of pointe shoes every year.
  • A pair of pointe shoes ranges from $75 - $150
  • One student will go through approximately 50 pairs of pointe shoes over 8 years of training.
  • The RWB goes through 40 rolls of satin ribbon a year and 40 rolls of elastic per year.

About Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

Founded in 1970 by celebrated teacher and former Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company Principal dancer David Moroni C.M., Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School has an international reputation for providing the highest quality training to its dancers and dance teachers. Under the leadership of Arlene Minkhorst since 2004, the RWB School has continued to develop a comprehensive dance training system for students pursuing a professional career. RWB School alumni have gone onto exciting careers in all facets of the dance industry and currently form 70 per cent of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company and comprise over half of its dance faculty.


For further media information, please contact
Christa Mariash | School Marketing Manager
T. 204. 957.3412 | E.