Jun 12 2020 | Posted in Blog

RWB Organizational Strategy: Reopening Safely

In order to protect our audience, our artists, and staff from COVID-19, we are cancelling our first set of performances in the Fall with Alice (in Wonderland). If you would like more information about this cancellation please see our blog post. If you are a Subscriber to our 20/21 Season, please visit our online form here to view the list of actions you may take with your Alice (in Wonderland) ticket(s).

The health and safety of staff, students, dancers and visitors is important to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. We have adopted a phased in approach of a safe return to classes and the workplace and have developed and implemented procedures and protocols. This approach is being done cautiously and gradually, ensuring we adhere to government guidelines and regulations.

It is important to note that as we move through our phased in approach, procedures and protocols are reviewed and assessed and, although currently in effect, are subject to change as may be required.

Along with the safety precautions below, every effort is being made to minimize the number of people in the building with limited access once inside. We are currently only returning essential staff and continue to apply work-from-home measures until the end of summer, with the possibility of an extension.

The RWB Building on 380 Graham remains closed to the general public.

We will continue to operate the RWB Box Office remotely. You may call in to our box office at 204.956.2792 or send us an email at and a customer service representative would be happy to assist. Please note a change in box office hours on our website as we do our best to support you.

We continue to assess all other upcoming scheduled performances and events and will share information as soon as it is available.

For staff, dancers or students entering the building, we appreciate your cooperation in following these policies and procedures as we work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Safety Precautions
Any staff member or student currently experiencing or has experienced any of the following will not be able to access the workplace or studios:

  1. Currently experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:
    • Fever, cough, sneezing or sore throat
    • Mild to moderate shortness of breath
    • Difficulty breathing

  2. Has been in close contact with a person who has been diagnosed, by a doctor, with COVID-19 while the person was ill.
  3. Has travelled outside of the province of Manitoba in the past 14 days, unless the purpose of travel is an exception outlined in The Public Health Act or has been ordered to self-isolate since returning from travel.

RWB General Building Guidelines

  1. Sanitize hands upon entry and prior to departure of the building.
  2. Frequently wash hands with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  3. Wear a face mask when moving throughout the building.
  4. Cover nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, or an elbow/shoulder if no tissue is available. Immediately discard used tissue and wash or sanitize hands.
  5. Avoid close contact with people that are or appear to be ill.
  6. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  7. Maintain a distance of at least 2m (6 feet) from others.
  8. Stay home if ill or are caring for someone who is ill.


We are pleased to begin returning our students back to the studios this summer, based on government recommendations along with our organizational reopening strategy.

For July 2020 we are only providing in-person classes to returning students; however, we will continue to provide an online condensed training program to new Canadian and International students. Residence will remain closed in which no extracurricular activities can be scheduled.

Studio Safety Precautions

  • Students and teachers must wash their hand with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after class.
  • Students will be physically distanced 2M from one another.
  • Students and teachers will be required to practice physical distancing measures while in the building and studios.
  • Students will be assigned to a specific studio for the duration of their program.
  • Students will also remain with their primary teachers and must remain with their designated group.
  • No access to changerooms or lockers; students are to arrive dressed for class.
  • Limit the number of personal belongings to be brought into the building.
  • Visitors and families are not permitted in the building.
  • Studios will be cleaned and sanitized frequently and between groups.