RWB School Spotlight: I haven’t put on ballet shoes in six years…

Jul 30 2014 | Posted in Blog

I have to admit, I was a little bit afraid of stepping foot back into the dance studio. While I had been a student in the RWB Recreational Division for most of my life (literally, from the time I was two until I was 19 years old) and then dabbled in a few adult dance classes in my early twenties, I hadn’t taken a ballet class in six years. But, I figured – I work at the RWB and I’m here everyday anyway so now it’s as good a time as any to get back into dance. So, I decided to register for both a ballet class (my first dance love), and modern dance (my second love) in the Adult Summer Dance Program.

On the first day of classes, I posted on Facebook that I couldn’t decide whether I was more nervous or excited to get back in the studio. But… once I took my place at the barre in ballet I was certain the butterflies in my stomach were definitely more excitement than nervousness. IT FELT GREAT! It was so wonderful to be back in the studio after all that time and while, no, dance isn’t like riding a bike and it was definitely challenging, I felt so welcomed by my teacher, Rachelle Vermette, and all of the other adult students. While there was a mix of adults who’d continued their dancing into their adult lives and those of us who’d taken a LONG vacation from it, we were all welcomed with open arms and accommodated by the teacher who gave modifications for those of us who might need it a little easier (no shame here, that was ME!) and those needed more of a challenge.

My modern dance class the next day with Claire Marshall was exactly the same. While I was sore (what do you expect after not dancing for half a decade), it felt SO good to kick off my street shoes and let loose a little bit. There’s just something irreplaceable about leaving all of the day’s worries at the door of the dance studio and just losing yourself in the movement for an hour. And can I just say how awesome it is to have live accompaniment in both ballet and modern? There is something wonderful about having a pianist or a drummer play along with you - that no matter how rusty you are, the experience makes you feel like a professional!

As the five weeks of Adult Summer Dance come to a close, I have to say I’m sold. I’ve fallen in love with dance all over again and I’ve already registered for classes in the fall: Ballet, Modern and I’m trying a Beginner Tap class, too! Hope to see you in the studio!

Dani Finch is a twenty-something year old and the Communications Specialist for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet.