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A great year of dance ahead!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to another exciting year of dance! This season we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the RWB Company and School. Over the course of the season we will have a few exciting things planned to commemorate the event. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new students to the school. If you have any questions, please don’t be shy and approach your teacher or the School Office for answers. Over the next month, we will be assessing ALL students in every class to ensure that they are placed correctly. Should a change in class placement be necessary, the teacher will inform the parent. All students are required to attend their classes in the dress code that is outlined on our website and available at the School Office.

Join me in welcoming the following new staff members! Hannah Arras and Lisa Brooks are students within our Teacher Training Program and will be teaching classes in Creative Movement, Jazz and Tap! Erin McCallum and Laura Kolisnyk have joined our Musical Theatre teaching staff. TTP student Alie Wagar will be teaching in our Satellite Program. Please be aware that all class changes and withdrawals must be submitted by October 1st in order to be eligible for partial refund. All changes must be made in writing and submitted to the School Office by October 1st.

Here’s to a great year of dance!

Calendar Reminders

Sept 8: First day of RD Classes

Sept 11: Deadline to order Boys Uniforms through the School Office

Sept 15-20: Dance Ensemble and ITP measurement appointments

Sept 27: Bun Making Workshop

Sept 28: RD Nutcracker Auditions

Sept 28: Dance Downtown

Oct 1: Deadline to Withdraw or make class changes

Adult Summer Dance 2014: Reviving my teaching spirit

Jacqueline Ladwig (Davidson)
Jacqueline Ladwig (Davidson)

It has been another whirlwind summer of teaching; I can hardly believe that it is already the end of August. Sitting down to schedule the month of September and thinking about fall teaching schedules is always a bit bittersweet. I am looking forward to seeing students in our regular program again, but sad to see summer end.

Teaching the Adult Summer Dance is always a treat. Many of the students are new to the RWB and some are our enthusiastic students from the fall. Regardless, having the same groups of students twice a week for five weeks really gives us all a chance to see their progress unfold over a short period of time, and get to know each other a bit better as well.

What I love about Adult Summer Dance is that whenever I feel the deflation of my summer spirit begin I know that as soon as I set foot in the studio with my adult students I will be, and am, immediately revived! Seriously, they are absolutely inspiring!

The beginner classes go through a particularly impressive metamorphosis over the five weeks. As I look around the studio on that first day of the Beginner Ballet class I see adults (mostly women and a few men) of every age, experience, shape, and size – tenuously and uncomfortably awaiting instruction. I ask myself, ‘Ok, so how do I get them hooked on this classical ballet business?’ and perhaps more importantly ‘How can I help them to feel less uncomfortable in this new environment?’

I try my best to remind my adult students that everyone in the room is feeling the same in that moment – perhaps different levels of uncomfortable or awkward – but everyone is having the same experience/anxiety on some level. Sharing my experience of going back to school (much) later in life I am familiar with how they are feeling and what I’ve learned is that we learn the most when we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable and experience the awkwardness. Sometimes you just want to throw in the towel and give up, but usually that is the point you have to push through to get to the good part (at least that is what I tell myself on my morning run). Sometimes it’s just a new skill learned but I think we are learning a lot about ourselves as well.

As the students move across the floor doing their first triplets and ballet runs, some take to it naturally and some feel perhaps less natural moving across the floor. What is interesting is seeing the confidence of the students evolve from one class to the next and how that confidence is reflected in their performance. What may have begun as uncoordinated triplets and temps leves suddenly becomes smooth, fluid movement. And the excitement on the faces of the students when they know they’ve accomplished that step for the first time! Fantastic.

Some of my teaching colleagues and I have been a part of the RWB for more than a decade (or two, some even three!) and over time it is easy to forget about the ‘magic’ that classical ballet enfolds. And yes, sometimes the reasons we chose this particular path get a little lost in the shuffle of life and work. This summer my adult classes (both levels) reminded me of why I chose this path of teaching – because watching my students confidence grow and accomplish a goal is wonderfully rewarding.


These days it is so important that dancers be as well rounded as possible. The expectations in dance for those who want to seriously pursue the art form have risen far above what they have been in the past. New styles of dance have emerged and dancers are expected to be able to adapt quickly. Therefore, we strongly encourage your child to register in more than one class.

Students who are interested in pursuing ballet examinations in Primary and up must be registered in a minimum of two classes of the same level and discipline per week, with a strong recommendation of three classes per week. We recommend that any student who aspires to dance on pointe in the future register in two ballet classes per week.

All dance forms inform one another and we strongly encourage that students receive the most well rounded training as possible. Students may add additional classes to their schedule up until October 1, 2014.


We would like to congratulate all of our Recreational Division students and teachers who achieved various accomplishments over the summer!

A big congratulations goes out to students Morgan Harms, Cayden Meyer and Isaac Parent, who were accepted into the RWB School’s Professional Division Ballet Academic Program for the 2014/15 school year.

Talented Recreational Division student Kendra Woo has been accepted into Vancouver’s Arts Umbrella Dance Program, the School of Alberta Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow. Congratulations, Kendra! We will keep you posted on the program she chooses. Kendra was also able to attend Arts Umbrella and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s summer programs over July and August.

Student Rachael Buchwald attended the summer program at the Colorado Ballet Academy, student Lia Loewen attended the summer program at The Boston Ballet School, and students Danika Burdeniuk, Bryn Dubberley, Matthew Parobec, Vanessa Hrynchuk, Laila Kokenberg-Gallant, attended the RWB Professional Division summer session.

Students Emily Addison, Kate Addison, Grace Bell, Diana Braun, Alexa Bresler, Avril Brown, Elizabeth Butler, Frances Butterfield, Meghan Carnegie, Jaxon Correia, Hayden Davis-Peters, Kennedy Didkowski, Zoe Gagnon, Megan Gareau, Anneliese Gasmen, Delaney Giesbrecht, Amanda Gregan, Kell Hagerman, Bourke Karras, Ania Kolodziej, Anna Kosowan, Ellice Kynman, Alex Luke, Inez Mayberry, Mia McFeetors, Daria McKennitt, Tamara Nelson, Sadie Paquette, Sarah Petriw, Kaily Price, Niki Powell, Alexandra Sahasrabuddhe, Kiara Sahasrabuddhe, Kassie Simeonidis, Alexis Taylor, Thalia Thorlacius, Hannah Trickett, Shayla Trippier, Elisha Woo, Maryn Woo and Irina Znamirowski kept dancing throughout the summer and attended the RWB Recreational Division Dance Intensive.

We’d also like to offer congratulations to last season’s RWB School Recreational Division Student Achievement Award recipients. Serena Paley received the Junior award, while Rachael Buchwald and Joshua Levesque received the Senior award.

Students Daria McKennitt, Kaily Price, Avril Brown, Marina Lamontagne and Hayley Yamamoto were all involved in Folklorama 2014, and student Kathryn Cancilla, took ballet, jazz and contemporary classes at Giordano & Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago last season.

Students Mykayla Santilli, Emilia Radawetz, Megan Fry and Paula Pidsadny danced on the Grandstand at the Dauphin Ukrainian Festival with Sopilka School of Ukrainian Dance. This exciting event happened because the students won the talent competition in Dauphin last year. Additionally, Megan Fry, Paula Pidsadny, Emilia Radawetz, Anna Radawetz, Zenya Veryha and Oksana Preachuk all participated in the competition at the Dauphin Ukrainian Festival in August. Megan was selected to compete in the top 5 and earned a mark of 98% with her solo choreographed by Kristina Washchyshyn. As well, teacher Kristina Washchyshyn and student Emilia Radawetz, danced with the Verba Ukrainian Dancers.

Our Recreational Division teachers had a busy summer as well! Miss Washchyshyn travelled to Croatia, Hungary and Austria with Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble to participate in a European performance tour celebrating their 35th anniversary, while teacher Karin Giesbrecht attended the Leading Edge Dance Conference in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Musical Theatre teacher Paula Potosky performed in The Producers and The Little Mermaid Rainbow Stage productions over the summer months.

Teacher Maritel Centurion organized a cultural and flamenco immersion trip to Jerez, Spain. Recreational Division student Magdalena McGregor and former Recreational Division student Emma Sickert were among the group of 12 dancers from Winnipeg and Brandon. The participants on the trip attended daily flamenco classes for five days as well as attended three different tablaos (flamenco theatre) and saw amazing flamenco dancing and music.

Teacher Marijka Stanowych traveled to Richmond, Virginia for professional development with the Cecchetti Society to attend the Cecchetti USA summer course and the Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition along with 300 other participants: 49 teachers, 39 competing dancers and students ages 11 and older. Miss Stanowych was supported in this endeavour by the Manitoba Arts Council and Winnipeg Arts Council.


Great work to all students who participated in Ballet In The Park! Recreational Division students Kim Atwell, Danika Burdeniuk, Meghan Carnegie, Vanessa Hrynchuk, Anna Lamontagne Badiou, Nikayla Little, Lindsay Marshall, Synjyn Biluan, Luke Boguski, Colin Chartier, Anthony Ferens, Alan Huynh and Ronan Sheikh performed on stage in Eugene Baffoe’s piece “History Squad”. Musical Theatre Students Llana Arreza, Omar Benson, Scott Bergen, Danika Burdeniuk, Jaxon Correia, Capri Derenchuk, Bryn Dubberley, Anna Radawetz, Sadie Paquette, Chantel Santilli, Ronan Sheikh, Stephanie Simeonidis, Zenya Veryha, Irina Znamirowski performed at the entrance of the stage area by welcoming guests by song!


This highly successful program allows students 14 years of age and older the opportunity to work with teaching staff, exploring the techniques and practices of teaching dance. All Recreational Division students who participate in the Teaching Assistant Program will be considered for the Teaching Assistant Achievement Award (monetary award). This award is presented at the end of the School year at Dance Spectrum. Congratulations to last year’s recipient Anthony Ferens. Interested students are encouraged to sign up immediately at the School Office. Classes are assigned as available.

Nutcracker Auditions for Recreational Division Students

The RWB will be holding auditions for their annual Nutcracker performances to be presented from December 20 – 28 at the Centennial Concert Hall. Recreational Division students are invited to attend an audition for the roles of Mounties, mice, party children, angels and the brand new polar bear roles on Sunday, September 28! Parents can pick up registration forms from the RWB School Office to be filled out in advance of the audition. Dancers must be between the ages of 7-12 years old and who fall between the height of 3’8” and 4’10”. All participants are asked to submit a headshot (school photos will be accepted) with their audition registration. Registration forms, student measurements and headshots will be accepted during registration on the morning of the audition date only.

2014 Audition Schedule

8:45 AM - Registration for 7-8 year olds
9:45-11:00 AM - Audition 7-8 year olds
10:00 AM - Registration for 9-12 year olds
11:15 AM-12:45 PM - Audition 9-12 year olds


The RWB Wardrobe Department will provide tights and bodysuits for all male students in the Recreational Division, Level 4 and up, Beginner 13-17, Teen and Adults, again this year. In order to take advantage of this unique offer, arrangements must be made by September 11, 2014. Should you wish to order tights or bodysuits, please contact the RWB School Office to organize payment.


Tights $43.00
Bodysuits $40.00

An email will be sent to you regarding your son’s measurement appointment with Angela Vaags, School Wardrobe Coordinator. This appointment will be scheduled during the week of September 15-19, 2014. Students will be contacted to pick up their orders through the School Office when they are ready. Students are welcome to order as many pairs as they wish. Should you have any further questions, please contact the School Office.


Learn how to create the perfect classical bun! Please pick up a Supply List at the School Office!

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Time: 11:15 am
Studio: 410


Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet is pleased to present Dance Downtown on Sunday, September 28, 2014, a free public open house being held as part of the national Culture Days 2014 weekend.

Activities featuring free half hour introductory classes in Ballet, Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Spanish, Ukrainian and Aboriginal Dance will all take place between 1:00-4:00pm. Creative movement classes are open for ages 3-5 years old and all other classes are for ages 6 through adult!

Additional activities include costume and shoe try on, colouring, face painting and two movie screenings in the newly renovated Founders’ Studio.

Street and lot parking are available in the immediate area, and regular Sunday bus service will stop directly at the event. Go to for more information.

Regular Recreational Division Sunday classes will be held.


Students who are registered for a total of seven classes per week or more may request a permanent locker in the change rooms. Two students may combine their classes (to reach the total of seven classes per week) in order to acquire a shared locker. Locker requests may be made at the School Office. Locker allocation is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students registered for less than seven classes per week may use the smaller lockers on a temporary basis by removing their locks and contents at the end of each evening. You will notice that certain areas are designated for certain age groups in the ladies change room.

Please remember that lockers are to be kept clean. No writing or stickers will be permitted on lockers. Absolutely NO FOOD should be kept in the lockers. Regular locker checks will be conducted.


Celebrate last year’s incredible performances! Photos and DVDs are available for pick up at the School Office. The last day to pick up Photos and DVDs will be October 15, 2014. The RWB School will not be responsible for these items after this date.


Massage therapy is available on site in the 3rd floor physiotherapy department of the RWB building, and is provided by Leanne Lawrie, R.M.T. The schedule for massage therapy is set by the massage therapist and is posted on the bulletin board outside of the physiotherapy department. The 2014-15 schedule is Thursdays 4:00-8:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am-3:00 pm.

Students may book massage appointments by signing up on the schedule outside the physiotherapy department. Appointments are available to all RWB staff, Professional Division students and Recreational Division students only. Any cancellations must be done with at least 24-hours notice by calling 204.957.3460. Please note that there will be a fee assessed for any missed appointments or cancellations of less than 24-hours notice.

Payment should be made directly to the massage therapist at the time of the appointment. The massage therapist will provide students with a receipt that they may use to claim health benefits to which they may be entitled.

The 2014/15 costs for treatment are as follows:

30-minute appointment - $45
60-minute appointment - $65
Missed appointment/less than 24-hr cancellation - $30

Dance Ensemble and ITP Measurement Appointments

All students registered in a RWB School Dance Ensemble or Intensive Training Program will be required to attend a 15 min measurement appointment with School Wardrobe Coordinator, Angela Vaags. Students will all be emailed their specific appointment times and instructions at the beginning of September. All appointments will be scheduled the week of September 15-20, 2014.

Billy Elliot

Royal MTC, in partnership with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, is looking for outstanding young men to perform the exciting title role in the Royal MTC production of BILLY ELLIOT.

Based on the 2000 film of the same name, BILLY ELLIOT is the inspirational story of a young boy’s struggle to overcome adversity and make his dream of becoming a professional dancer come true, despite conflicting views from his family and community. Since its debut on London’s West End in 2005, BILLY ELLIOT has gone on to win multiple awards and dazzle audiences across the globe.

Winnipeg auditions for BILLY ELLIOT will begin at the RWB School on October 9, 2014 with a special “Billy Audition Day”. For more information on how to audition on October 9, click here.