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Important Calendar Reminders

September 8 RD classes begin
September 8 10 week sessions begins for Tap, Musical Theatre, Choreography Composition, and Flamenco
September 21 RWB Welcome BBQ
September 26 ExplorAbility Session 1 begins
September 28 ExplorAbility for Parkinson’s Session 1 begins
September 29 Manitoba Dance Day


Dear Parents and Students,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new students, and welcome back all our returning students - we can’t wait for you to join us in the studio for another amazing year of dance! If you have any questions as our year begins, please approach your teacher or the School Office for answers as everyone here is happy to help.

Over the next month, teachers will be assessing all of our students to ensure that they are placed correctly. Should a change in class placement be necessary, the teacher will inform the parent. Also, please remember that all students are required to attend their classes in the dress code that is posted on our website and at the School Office.

    Join us in welcoming the following new staff members:
  • Erika Delponte, former RWB Company dancer, who will be teaching in our ITP program as well as in our Pre-Primary ballet program
  • Matthew Armet, who will be teaching our 10-week Tap for Musical Theatre program
  • Sara Goodman, our new full time RD faculty member who will be teaching in our Jazz and Hip Hop programs and Dance Ensembles
  • Tracy Tomchuk, who will be teaching conditioning to our ITP students and teaching in our Hip Hop program

Please be aware that all class changes and withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the School Office by October 1 in order to be eligible for partial refund.
Here’s to a great year of dance!


The 2019/20 September School Office hours are as follows*: Monday-Friday: 8:00am-10:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30am-5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am-4:00pm
*Hours are subject to change without notice.


RWB School students and families are welcome to join us on Saturday, September 21 from 10AM - 2PM for a Welcome BBQ to kick off our 80th season of dance education. There will be hot dogs & veggie dogs with all the fixings and a drink available in thr front of the RWB building. Activities such as bouncy castles, games and glitter tattoos will take over the RWB studios as a fun way to kick off our 80th season with you!


The RWB building is not only a School, but also a place of business. While in the building, students, parents, and siblings are asked to respect the shared space and keep noise levels to a minimum. Quiet activities are permitted in the waiting areas; the tables in the Atrium are available for students to complete their school work and provide a clean environment to eat their meals while waiting for classes. Students and parents are encouraged to share the space appropriately. If you are not using the table, please allow others to use it.

All students under the age of 12 are required to be supervised by a parent/legal guardian and escorted to and from assigned studios for classes. Parents are asked to ensure that all students are picked up within 30 min after their classes/ rehearsals/events are finished and/or before building closure.

Students are not permitted to be on the 4th floor before, after or between classes. Students whose classes are scheduled on the 4th floor should remain in the Atrium (2nd floor) until 5 minutes before their class begins at which time they should take the stairs to the 4th floor. All students Level 2 and lower are to meet their teacher in the Atrium and they will be escorted to the 4th floor. At the end of their classes they are to make their way back to the Atrium.

Parents are asked to refrain from observing classes on the 2nd floor from the 3rd and 4th floor balconies. This can be distracting for the students and teacher. Many of the studios have small windows on the doors for parents to catch a brief look; however that too can be distracting for prolonged periods of time. We invite you to come right into the studio in December for our Parent Observation class. We will be happy to show you everything your children are doing!

Due to privacy protection regulations, parents are not permitted to take pictures or video any portion of their child’s class. Parents are welcome to take pictures of their children in the studio by themselves or with the teacher AFTER the class if time permits.


We are excited to be able to offer 10 week sessions again this Fall for students ages 13 and up!

Tap for Musical Theatre, taught by Stratford performer and Rainbow Stage choreographer/performer, Matthew Armet is a class aimed to introduce the necessary tap skills required to perform in professional musical theatre productions. Matthew’s stage experience and love for Tap creates the perfect opportunity for students to learn from an industry professional. Students must have a minimum 5 years of dance experience and understand basic terminology as this class will move quickly and is geared to the intermediate/advanced dancer.

Flamenco, will be an exciting new class this season taught by RWB Artistic Faculty Magdalena McGregor. Miss Maggie recently travelled this summer to Jerez De La Frontera, Seville and Madrid in Spain. While there she had the opportunity to see professional dancers, singers and guitarists perform in tableaux, take advanced workshops and study under professional dancers and choreographers Marta de Troya and Pilar Ogalla. She is excited to share her love of Flamenco with her students here at the RWB!

Interested in learning how choreography is created? Students are invited to register for Choreography Composition. Students will learn the fundamentals of creating a dance and have the opportunity to explore their creativity over the 10 week session. RWB School artistic faculty Claire Marshall has worked with the school’s Professional Division and
Teacher Training Program in this capacity and is excited to be able to offer this class to our Recreational Division students again this season. Students who registered for the class last year are encouraged to join again this season and Ms Claire will continue the creative process with them.

All 10 week classes begin Sunday, September 8th – Contact the School Office to register today!


These days, it is so important that dancers be as well rounded as possible. The expectations in dance for those who want to seriously pursue the art form have risen far above what they have been in the past. New styles of dance have emerged and dancers are expected to be able to adapt quickly. Therefore, we strongly encourage all students to register for more than one class.

Students who are interested in pursuing ballet examinations in Level 1 and up must be registered in a minimum of two classes of the same level and discipline per week, with a strong recommendation of three classes per week. We also recommend that any student who aspires to dance on pointe in the future, register in two ballet classes per week.

Students may add additional classes to their schedule up until October 1, 2019.


Great work to all Recreational Division students who performed a brand new piece of choreography by Nicole Kepp and Sara Goodman, “Alice” in this summer’s Ballet In The Park: Kalsea Codilan, Kennedy Didkowski, Zoe Gagnon, Anneliese Gasmen, Mia Fontaine, Esmé Franck, Gabriella Janus, Emily Marshall, Daria McKennitt, Charlotte Smith, Shayla Trippier, Lynea Turner, and Katie Welham.


This highly successful program allows students 14 years of age and older the opportunity to work with teaching staff, exploring the techniques and practices of teaching dance. All Recreational Division students who participate in the Teaching Assistant Program will be considered for the Teaching Assistant Achievement Award. This monetary award is presented at the end of the school year at Dance Spectrum. Congratulations to last year’s recipients Zoe Eccleston, Noah Luis, Annika Zorrino! Interested students are encouraged to sign up immediately at the School Office. Classes are assigned as available.


The RWB will be holding auditions for their annual Nutcracker performances to be presented from December 21-30 at the Centennial Concert Hall. Recreational Division students are invited to attend an audition for the roles of Mounties, mice, party children, angels, reindeer and polar bears on Sunday, September 22! Parents can pick up registration forms fromthe School Office to be filled out in advance of the audition. Dancers between the ages of 7-12 years old must be within the height range of 3’8” and 4’10”. Dancers between the ages of 13-15 years old must be within the height range of 5’0” and 5’6”. All participants are asked to submit a headshot with their audition registration (school photos will be accepted). Registration forms, student measurements and headshots will be accepted during registration on the day of the audition date only. Registration forms will be available at the School Office beginning on Sunday, September 8.


We are excited to announce that once again the RWB is partnering with Dance Manitoba to present Manitoba Dance Day on Sunday, September 29! As a part of Culture days, this event will take place at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet building, and will be a fun afternoon of dance for all ages. There will be classes for beginners and those with experience for ages 6 and up, adults and parents are welcome and encouraged to participate. Each participant will learn a piece of Hip Hop choreography that will be performed at the end of the afternoon.

    The schedule for this event is as follows:
  • 11:30 Registration
  • 12:00 Group Warm up
  • 12:15-2:30 Learning of Choreography
  • 3:00 Performance


Witness the Canadian premiere of Greg Horsman’s La Bayadère October - 6, 2019. Set in India in 1855, the unequivocal elegance of classical ballet is highlighted in this hypnotic tale of love, murder, and vengeful judgement by the gods. Don’t miss this brand new co-production between Queensland Ballet, West Australian Ballet, and Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Reminder, as patrons of the RWB family you receive a discount to all Company performances, please check the school bulletin board for he promo code approximately 2 weeks before opening night.


You may have noticed that in our Recreational Division dress code, we require female students to wear their hair in a classical bun for many of our classes. This hairstyle may seem complicated, but with practice can be done very efficiently! To help you learn how to create a classical bun, please visit the following video link:


Students who are registered for a total of seven or more classes per week may request a permanent locker in the change rooms. Two students may combine their classes (to reach the total of seven classes per week) in order to acquire a shared locker. Locker requests may be made at the School Office, and allocation is based on a first-come- first-serve basis. Students must sign a locker contract at the School Office before placing their items in a locker.

Students registered for fewer than seven classes per week may use the smaller lockers on a temporary basis. Locks and contents must be removed at the end of each evening. You will notice that areas are designated for certain age groups in the ladies change room.

Please remember that lockers are to be kept clean. No writing or stickers will be permitted on lockers. Absolutely NO FOOD should be kept in the lockers. Regular locker checks will be conducted.


Recreational Division students are welcome to utilize the RWB’s physiotherapy clinic. The Evening Therapy Clinic will run from September 24 to December 19, 2019 and then January 7 to June 2, 2020 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The RWB School will look after scheduling, billing, and payment at the School Office.

The therapist will not provide treatment in the evening without receiving proof of payment via printed receipt from the School Office for the date of treatment. The therapist will sign the receipt as proof of treatment provided and will then give the signed copy to the student who was treated.

Initial visit $80
Subsequent visit $65


Over the summer, many of our Recreational Division students had the opportunity to attend dance programs within Winnipeg, across Canada, and internationally!

Our Recreational Division Dance Intensive in August provided students the opportunity to learn from our amazing guest faculty Yayoi Ban, Alana McAdie, and Rachael McLaren. The following students participated in the two week intensive: Casey Anderson, Morley Anderson, Milla Andreiw-Gzebb, Madeleine Baldwin, Grace Bell, Violet Bell, Cadyn Boss, Avery Carter, Nya Chapman, Kalsea Codilan, Oona Cooper, Emerald Cowan, Ame-Raeya Crouch, Kennedy Didkowski, Kaytie Dubois, Natalie Dyck, Mia Fontaine, Natalie Foster, Sarah Froese, Anneliese Gasmen, Kezia Jenkins, Naomi
Jenkins, Ashley Karlowsky, Alissa-Jadyn Lemoine, Ezekeil Lemoine, Zoe Lepine, Julia Mainprize, Dailia Martin, Bethany Mary, Ella Misurka-Feal, Lina Ratana, Brynn Reynolds, Katherine Robinson, Elsie Rweyemamu, Charlotte Smith, Lily Tibbs, Irina Znamirowski.

The following students participated in our Professional Division Summer Session in July 2019: Gabriel Belley, Zoe Gagnon, Caitlyn Fast, Isaac Lavitt, Oscar Lavitt, Ezekeil Lemoine, Brooke Palace, and Shayla Trippier.

Intensive Training program student, Megan Gareau had the exciting opportunity to train for 4 weeks at The Joffrey Academy of Dance, the official school of The Joffrey Ballet in Chicago.

Congratulations to all of our students who danced and participated in the many Folklorama pavilions around the city August 4-17, 2019!

We are always eager to know of any student accomplishments in the dance world outside of the RWB! Please email to share any accomplishments that you would like to share with us and the rest of the RWB student body in the monthly newsletter!


  • We ask parents to please ensure their child(ren) are using the stairs whenever possible, and that they are not using the elevator unnecessarily. We have been informed of many instances of children playing in the elevator and for their safety and that of others, we ask that this not continue.
  • We ask that students who are sick stay home to rest. This will provide their bodies the opportunity to heal and will eliminate the spread of illness to their classmates. Students recovering from injury are encouraged to observe their classes and participate to the best of their ability. Speak to your child’s teacher about how best to manage their injury.
  • All belongings should be locked in lockers to avoid theft. The RWB School cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Items left in public areas (i.e., outside of studios or in waiting areas) will be removed and placed in our school office until their owner returns to retrieve them. We ask that any incidences of vandalism or theft be reported to the RD Principal so that we can work to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.
  • Please refrain from idling their vehicles in the drive-thru when waiting for their children.