On the Edge TourFeaturing RWB Aspirants

On the Edge Tour
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On the Edge Tour

Featuring RWB Aspirants


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Canada’s Royal Winnipeg (RWB) Aspirants will take the On the Edge Tour across Manitoba, where the next generation of dancers will showcase a sublime and powerful repertoire for audiences of all ages in performances hosted by schools and communities.

The tour, which runs from April 18 to May 2, 2022, recalls the early days of the RWB, when Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally would take their fledgling ballet company on similar tours throughout the province. In many ways, the early tours helped establish the RWB in Manitoba. Now, for the first time, the RWB second company will recapture that same magic by sharing their love of dance in 11 shows across nine Manitoban communities.

Most performances will feature a Sharing Dance workshop hosted by an RWB School Artistic Faculty Member. These workshops will encourage and increase audience participation and engagement while providing access to the physical, emotional and social benefits of dance.

On the Edge has been a fan-favourite in the past, selling out three shows in Winnipeg last season. This tour features the same repertoire hundreds of Winnipeggers will enjoy in June at the RWB Founders’ Studio.

Tour attendees will experience an array of dance disciplines and the first act will feature a condensed story of the comedic ballet of Don Quixote featuring the beloved main characters preparing for a wedding through intriguing and flirtatious encounters in the market. In act two, the performance changes tone and will feature new contemporary choreography from Gabriela Rehak, Philippe Larouche and Indigenous choreographers Jera Wolfe and Cameron Fraser-Monroe. The performances will take the audience through a spectrum of powerful emotions, connecting them to feelings of love, loss, anger and humor, and will leave viewers with a deeper appreciation of the art and storytelling ability of dance.

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About On the Edge Tour

The School’s touring program has sent dancers on the road to share the power of ballet and other dance forms with new audiences in schools and community spaces for almost 50 years. Pioneered by the RWB in 1945, the famous ‘one-night stand’ model of touring the Prairies in a single 48 passenger bus was adopted by the School in the early 1970s. The touring rig includes lighting and sound equipment and a portable dance floor framed by 20’ black velour legs. It’s all-hands-on-deck as three production crew, two artistic faculty members, one company manager, and a large group of dancers work together to transform the venue, sometimes a school gymnasium, into something resembling a theatre space in less than one hour. One thing that distinguishes School’s touring program is its impressive visual impact. Just like the Company before it, the School puts upwards of 20 dancers front and centre, creating a spectacular performance experience for all to enjoy.

The School will deliver Sharing Dance workshops during the Tour to encourage and increase audience participation and engagement. Sharing Dance is an umbrella community initiative of the RWB School, in partnership with Canada’s National Ballet School and Physical Health and Education Canada and is founded on our shared belief that all people should have access to the physical, emotional, and social benefits of dance. Sharing Dance workshops delivered in conjunction with the Tour is designed to foster artistic engagement, build self-confidence, and develop physical literacy in children and youth.

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