Audition Opportunities

RWB School Recreational Division students are invited to participate in several audition opportunities throughout the year.

Company Performances

Our students have the exclusive opportunity to audition for productions throughout the RWB Company season that feature children and teen roles. One of the most exciting opportunities each year is the RWB’s The Nutcracker which features angels, mounties, mice and party kids and will often include up to 100+ children ranging from ages 7-15. Roles are based on height requirements, as the costumes remain the same year to year and auditions are held each Fall. If the Company season includes additional performances with children’s roles these are also exclusively given to RWB students. Past performances have included The Wizard of Oz, Romeo & Juliette and Princess & The Goblin among many others.

RWB School Professional Division Auditions

Students interested in pursuing a professional career in classical ballet are encouraged to participate in the annual audition for the RWB School Professional Division Ballet Academic Program. Students identified as having potential for professional training will be invited to attend Summer Session (July 2022) which acts as the second phase of the audition process. Please visit for more information.

RWB School Intensive Training Program & Dance Ensemble Audition

Auditions are normally held in person in spring, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, auditions for the Intensive Training Program and Dance Ensembles will be altered.

This year, all students interested in being considered for a 2021-22 ITP or Dance Ensemble program are encouraged to submit a completed audition application form. Please find the form attached. Any students wishing to be considered for the ITP program must also provide 2 photos with their application (tendu in 2nd, 1st arabesque).

Deadlines for auditions are September 12, 2021.

If you are interested in auditioning for the RWB Dance Ensemble and Intensive Training Program, Click Here to download the audition forms.

For more information please visit To submit your audition, email the completed form to the RWB School Office for consideration at

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