ExplorAbility for Adults

ExplorAbility for Adults

ExplorAbility for Adults

ExplorAbility for Adults is a unique dance class designed specifically for adults with different abilities. Classes are focused on developing body awareness, self-expression, coordination, posture and alignment, all in a fun, creative and supportive environment. Participants will explore a variety of dance styles (creative movement, ballet, jazz, modern) and music (popular, classical, percussion).

Current research has been found to boost psychological health and feelings of social inclusion, as well as improve physical health (balance, agility, motor performance) for persons who have physical and/or cognitive disability.

In ExplorAbility for Adults, the dance activities are adapted to the individuals in the class and encourage individual expression, as well as interaction between participants and assistants/support staff. In the third session, students will learn the adapted choreography for the Sharing Dance event and will have the option to participate in the Winnipeg Sharing Dance Day in May of 2020.

New for this year! Participants/students have the option to volunteer to participate in a research study presented by the University of Manitoba. Participation in the study is on a volunteer basis and will help us to better understand how participation in dance programming can impact balance and movement function/ability.

Things to know about the ExplorAbility for Adult’s program

  • Support staff/caregivers are welcome attend and encouraged participate in the program (at no additional cost)!
  • All classes begin with seated dancing and progress to standing, then travelling sequences.
  • Seated options are provided for those who prefer to continue dancing in a seated position.
  • The class is designed to engage participants cognitively, physically and creatively through a variety of music and dance styles.
  • Comfortable attire is recommended. Footwear may be soft dance slippers/shoes, socks, or clean street shoes/runners (no outdoor footwear please)
  • It is recommended that participants speak to their healthcare provider before registering for the program

Wheelchairs, walkers and other devices are welcome. With advance notice, ASL assistance may be arranged for the hearing impaired.

**Research can be referenced by (Ladwig et al., 2019, 2018, 2017) University of Manitoba Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management

Wednesdays 2:05pm - 2:55pm
10 Week Long Sessions
$90 / Session

Session One: September 25th - December 4th, 2019
Session Two: January 8 - March 11, 2020
Session Three: March 25 - May 27, 2020

Please contact the School Office for more information:

phone: 204.957.3467



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