Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Perfect for families and anyone who never wants to grow up, Peter Pan is a magical flight, filled with family entertainment, fantasy and marvelous thrills.

Peter Pan tells the story of Peter, who invites Wendy to Neverland to be the mother of his gang of Lost Boys. Many adventures ensue, including the near-death of Tinker Bell and a climactic confrontation with Peter’s nemesis, the pirate Captain Hook.

Act 1 - 62 minutes
Intermission - 20 minutes
Act 2 - 55 minutes
Total Run Time - 2:17

Featured Creative Team

    Lighting Design

    Bill Williams


    Lord Britten, Eric Coates, Sir Edward Elgar, Ron Goodwin, Montague Phillips

    Associate Lighting Design

    Robert Mravnik

    Costume Design

    Anne Armit

    Fight Director

    Daniel Ford Beavis

    Scenic Design

    Don Rutley and Andrew Beck

    Flying Sequences

    Flying by Foy

Full Cast

Yosuke Mino
Yosuke Mino as Peter Pan (May 4, 6, 8)
Dmitri Dovgoselets
Dmitri Dovgoselets as Peter Pan (May 5, 7)
Alanna McAdie
Alanna McAdie as Wendy Darling (May 4, 6, 7)
Elizabeth Lamont
Elizabeth Lamont as Wendy Darling (May 5, 7)
Jo-Ann Sundermeier
Jo-Ann Sundermeier as Tinker Bell (May 4, 6, 8)
Saeka Shirai
Saeka Shirai as Tinker Bell (May 5, 7)
Liang Xing
Liang Xing as Mr. Darling / Captain Hook (May 4, 6, 8)
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds as Mr. Darling / Captain Hook (May 5, 7)
Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee as Mrs. Darling / Tigerlily (May 4, 6, 8)
Yayoi Ban
Yayoi Ban as Mrs. Darling / Tigerlily (May 5, 7)
Emma Courish
Emma Courish as Michael Darling (May 4, 6, 8)
Jakobe Geddes
Jakobe Geddes as Michael Darling (May 5, 7)
Ethan Rodrigues
Ethan Rodrigues as John Darling (May 4, 6, 8)
Victoria Bourassa
Victoria Bourassa as John Darling (May 5, 7)
Tyler Carver
Tyler Carver as Nana
Liam Caines
Liam Caines as Smee (May 4, 6, 8)
Thiago Dos Santos
Thiago Dos Santos as Smee (May 5, 7)
Anna O'Callaghan
Anna O'Callaghan as Liza (May 4, 6, 8)
Katie Bonnell
Katie Bonnell as Liza (May 5, 7)
Ryan Vetter
Ryan Vetter as Shadow Peter
Egor Zdor
Egor Zdor as Crocodile (May 4, 6, 8)
Kostyantyn Keshyshev
Kostyantyn Keshyshev as Crocodile (May 5, 7)

All casting is subject to change  



At the Darling family home in London, young Wendy dances in her bedroom with Nana, the faithful family dog. Her brothers John and Michael arrive and join in the fun. Mrs. Darling and Liza the maid enter to ready the children for bed. Mr. Darling arrives and is worried about being late for a dinner party. After the boys pretend to be pirates and kidnap Father, the playful children foil all of Mother’s attempts to get them into bed and convince their parents to tell them a story. Finally peace is achieved and with the children drifting off to sleep, Mother and Father leave for the dinner party.

When the coast is clear, Tinker Bell enters the nursery in search of Peter’s shadow, which he lost while listening at the window to Wendy telling stories to the boys. After madly searching the room she finally finds it in the washstand. Peter enters and tries frantically to catch his shadow. Unable to do so, he slumps down beside Wendy’s bed and begins to cry.

Wendy awakens to see Peter crying and offers to sew his shadow back on. She is quite taken with Peter and seems to have a vague recollection of him. She offers him a kiss and when he doesn’t know what that is, gives him a thimble. Peter invites Wendy to Neverland where she can be the mother and tell stories to the Lost Boys. Meanwhile Tinker Bell is very jealous and upset at Peter’s attention to Wendy. After accepting Peter’s invitation, Wendy wakens John and Michael who are overjoyed to see Peter and Tinker Bell in the nursery. All three children have a quick flying lesson and with the help of Tinker Bell’s fairy dust take off through the nursery window. After flying over London they are off to adventures in Neverland – second to the right and then straight on till morning!

In Neverland, Tiger Lily, the Fairies and the Crocodile are in the lagoon when they hear the pirates coming and quickly hide. Smee tells Captain Hook that Peter has returned to the island with new treasures when suddenly the Crocodile appears and tries to get another taste of Hook. Peter brings the children to the Fairy forest where all of the sprites dance in celebration. The Lost Boys arrive and everyone is happy that Peter has returned to Neverland. But the merriment does not last long when the Pirates challenge Peter and the boys to a fight. Dueling with Hook, Peter is almost defeated, when just in the nick of time the Crocodile chases Hook away.


In London, Mr. Darling and Liza try to console Mrs. Darling who is heartbroken over the disappearance of the children. Meanwhile in Neverland Wendy has settled into the role of Mother to the Lost Boys. When Peter goes to check on the island, Wendy and Tinker Bell give the boys their medicine and tuck everyone into bed for the night unaware of the adventure just ahead. The Pirates enter the underground home and capture all the children. Only Tinker Bell escapes! Captain Hook, disappointed in not finding Peter, poisons the medicine bottle in hopes that he will drink from it when he returns.

Later as Peter gathers his sword and his courage before heading out to save the children, he remembers to take his medicine. But before he can, Tinker Bell drinks it herself to save Peter’s life. Tinker Bell begins to fade despite Peter’s attempt to revive her. She slips away. Only the Fairies, having sensed Tinker Bell weakening, are able to revive her by dancing until she is magically resurrected. On the pirate ship the new “recruits” are put to work. Peter flies to the ship and after a fierce battle defeats Captain Hook and the pirates.

After celebrating their victory, Peter begrudgingly agrees to take Wendy, John and Michael home. Wendy is worried that her brothers are forgetting their real parents. The Fairies fly the ship home, where the children surprise Mrs. Darling in the nursery. Mr. Darling, Nana & Liza hear the commotion and rush in where they are introduced to the Lost Boys who have decided it is time to grow up.

After the others leave the nursery, Wendy returns, having sensed that Peter is still nearby. He has been waiting outside the window. After a tender moment, with Peter promising to return, Wendy watches him fly off into the stars. And on to another adventure!

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