Spotlight 2019

Spotlight 2019

Spotlight 2019

The RWB School Professional Division comes together once a year to share its stories and successes in this captivating production.

This year’s performance will feature an excellent blend of classical and contemporary ballet featuring Mark Godden’s The Marshmallow Test. Godden, a graduate of the Professional Division and critically-acclaimed artist, created this piece last summer.

“The Marshmallow Test is an experiment conducted on young children to test delayed gratification. It’s also an old story: sacrifice now, in the present, for something better in the future,” says Godden. “The dance and movement ideas for this ballet spring forth from the body’s dilemma of wanting something now
while the mind works overtime to convince the body to wait. It is an internal tug-of-war; but, it’s also a chance to sublimate the moment.”

Claire Marshall and Jolene Bailie have each created a piece with the Level 1-5 students to the music of Mark Cameron and Dave Brubeck. It’s fun, entertaining, engaging and involves balloons and tennis balls!

RWB School Alumni Jera Wolfe, who recently captivated the audience of Ballet and the Band with his piece Bare, will present a contemporary duo created on the prestigious Prince Edward Award Scholarship recipients Bridget Lee and Logan Savard.

The beauty of classical ballet will be told through an excerpt of Le Corsaire, through an incredible scene where a flower garden comes to life, with featured tutus equally as stunning as the natural beauty of flowers.

Character dance will be featured through highlights of the ballet Gayaneh, which was first performed by the Kirov Ballet during the Second World War evacuation and Shurale Children’s Dance will feature the youngest students in a charming peasant dance.

Performing excerpts from beloved classical story ballets and original works, this brilliant group of young dancers will capture your hearts with their dedication, talent, and spirit.