The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty

Production Supporter: The Richardson Foundation

Reawaken your sense of wonder with this bewitching take on the popular fairy tale. When the maleficent Carabosse lays a curse on the newborn Princess Aurora that casts her into a century-long slumber, only the power of love can compel her back home. Tchaikovsky’s iconic composition is brought to life in spellbinding classical ballet after the choreography of Marius Petipa. Luxurious sets, elaborate period costumes, and an eclectic cast of storybook characters captivate both the young in years and the young at heart in The Sleeping Beauty.

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Featured Creative Team


    Marius Petipa

    Lighting Design

    ​Michael J. Whitfield


    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    Costume Design

    ​Shannon Lovelace, Anne Armit

    Sets and Property Design

    ​Michael Eagan




It is the day of the grand gala. Everyone of importance has been invited to celebrate the christening of the Kingdom’s new princess – Princess Aurora. Catalabutte, the Chief Steward is bustling about making sure all the arrangements are in order. Aurora’s six fairy godmothers arrive to bestow upon the infant princess their special graces. The Fairy of Tenderness, in white, personifies beauty and candor. The Fairy of Carefreeness brings grace and the gift of dancing. The gift of the Fairy of Generosity is fertility and a life free from hunger while the Fairy of Mischievousness provides eloquence, singing and laughter. The Fairy of Bravery brings energy and commanding temperament.

Before the Lilac Fairy (La Fée des Lilas) is able to give her gift, the evil fairy Carabosse enters, furious that she was not invited. In revenge, she bestows her “gift” – Aurora will prick her finger and die on her 16th birthday. The court is horrified, but the Lilac Fairy is able to soften the spell – when Aurora pricks her finger she will sleep for one hundred years and be awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince.

Act 1

Princess Aurora’s Sixteenth Birthday

The King and Queen have banned, on the punishment of death, any sharp object that could fulfil Carabosse’s curse. Three young women are discovered knitting in the courtyard, but are pardoned by the King, since it is the occasion of Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday. Young villagers dance a spirited waltz in celebration. As the excitement mounts, Aurora enters the courtyard with delicate footsteps and youthful eagerness. She is presented to four princes, each seeks her hand in marriage. Aurora dances with each suitor, and they in turn present her with a gift of roses in the famous Rose Adagio.

Carabosse, disguised as an old woman, arrives at the birthday celebration and gives Aurora a bouquet of flowers, which Aurora willingly accepts. Hidden in the flowers is a spindle; Aurora pricks her finger on it and collapses. Carabosse triumphantly reveals her true identity. The Lilac Fairy appears in the garden and assures the court that Aurora is not dead, but will sleep until awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince. Aurora is carried into the palace by the courtiers and the Lilac Fairy casts a spell over the entire court, causing everybody to fall asleep and a thick forest to grow around the palace.


The Awakening

One hundred years later, Prince Désiré becomes melancholic while hunting in the forest and wishes to be alone. The Lilac Fairy visits him and learns that he is sad because his heart is void of love. She tells him of the enchanted palace and the beautiful sleeping princess and guides him through the thick forest to the palace.

Once inside, Prince Désiré discovers the sleeping Aurora and recognizing his true love, kisses her. Aurora awakens from her enchanted sleep. The evil spell is destroyed and Carabosse collapses, overpowered by goodness and virtue. The entire court comes to life and the King and Queen meet Prince Désiré and happily approve his betrothal to their daughter, Aurora.



The scene opens with a glorious polonaise, followed by fairy tale characters dancing in homage to the newlywed couple. Aurora and Désiré then perform the Grand Pas de Deux after which the entire court dances an exuberant mazurka bringing the celebrations to a fitting climax.