2023-24 Season Information

2023-24 Season Repertoire


Not suited for audiences under 13 due to mature themes, suggestive content, and haze

A new acquisition that showcases everything the RWB does best – bold character acting, creative interpretations of familiar stories, and larger-than-life staging and costumes. André Lewis O.M. has been aspiring to bring this production to Winnipeg and in 2023, the dream is finally realized!

Experience the Canadian première of this mature twist on the original Brothers’ Grimm story of Snow White. Step into an enchanted narrative filled with strong, contemporary movement and characters magnificently costumed by Jean Paul Gaultier. The narcissistic, seductive Queen seeks power in her beauty and will stop at nothing to hold on to that influence – even at the expense of her ingenue daughter-in-law Snow White. Set to Gustav Mahler’s symphonies, Snow White’s journey through the stages of her life mirrors the music’s evolution from optimism to depravity and finally to triumph



A gem in André Lewis O.M.’s legacy to leave the country with a holiday tradition inspired by Canada. When commissioning this new version, André insisted on including opportunities for the children as well as iconic Canadian symbols like the Ottawa Parliament buildings and busby-hat Mountie guards.

A uniquely Canadian spin on the beloved holiday story makes our Nutcracker a nostalgic treasure that charms audiences of all ages, year after year. Young Clara’s dreams come to life in spectacular fashion as her nutcracker transforms into a gallant soldier to defend her from the army of the Mouse King, with majestic Mounties battling the mischievous Mice. The duo journey through a shimmering winter wonderland filled with dancing snowflakes and adorable polar bears to the court of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Tchaikovsky’s iconic score sets the stage for marvelous turn-of-the-century costumes and sets. Don’t miss the hijinks of fan-favourite Filbert the Bear during the family party!



André Lewis O.M. believes firmly in the important of the classics and this masterwork piece holds a special place in the history of the RWB. Rudi van Dantzig worked closely to pass the legacy of this work to André, who has since become an in-demand stager for the production the world over.

Fall in love all over again with Shakespeare’s timeless romantic tragedy that remains a masterclass in balletic storytelling. Star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet defy the odds – and their feuding families – in pursuit of their happy ending while navigating the politics and intrigue of Renaissance Italy. Their love becomes their undoing as fate conspires to keep them apart. From innocence to tragedy to redemption, these larger-than-life characters demand remarkable acting that make this production one of the RWB’s crowning achievements. The splendour of sixteenth-century Verona unfolds in Toer van Schayk’s lush sets and costumes, complementing Rudi van Dantzig’s inventive choreography and sword fighting.



A nod to André Lewis O.M.’s dedication to working with international and Canadian choreographers. Since he introduced it into our repertoire in 2002, Carmina Burana has easily become one of our most requested performances. Introducing our Choreographer in Residence showcases a bright future for the RWB continuing to innovate through dance.

A feast for the senses that pairs sensual, powerful choreography with Carl Orff’s masterpiece Carmina Burana symphony. Youthful energy and angular, contemporary technique recall springtime, expressing raw emotion that transcends the need for a story. Choreographer Mauricio Wainrot’s artfully-staged vignettes capture the spirit of the titular score – oscillating between erratic, romantic, and lustful. Audiences will also be treated to the world premiere of T’əl: The Wild Man of the Woods, an innovative piece from our new Choreographer in Residence, Cameron Fraser-Monroe.


SPOTLIGHT featuring highlights from Raymonda

Up and coming dancers in the RWB Professional Division present excerpts of beloved classical favourites and new works that will captivate audiences. Months of intensive training culminate in a show-stopping performance that shines a spotlight on the determination and heart these young artists bring to the art of dance. We will be presenting excerpts and highlights from Petipa’s Raymonda along with brand-new contemporary works from female artists, led by our Resident Choreographer Gabriela Rehak.


ON THE EDGE with excerpts from Four Last Songs

The stars of tomorrow deliver exhilarating performances highlighting the versatility of the Anna McCowan-Johnson Aspirants. Immerse yourself in an intimate and engaging series of dances delighting fans of classical and contemporary dance alike. From timeless classics to daring new creations, On the Edge will celebrate the artistic legacy of the RWB and André Lewis, O.M. and demonstrate the School’s continued innovation. The performance will include excerpts from the lively and charming classical ballet, Don Quixote, filled with romance, fun, and Spanish flair, as well as an excerpt from Rudi Van Dantzig’s beautifully haunting Four Last Songs.