2024-25 Season Information

It’s time to celebrate and explore as the 85th season of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet captures the essence of the past, present and future with iconic classics, Canadian premieres and innovative works. As a subscriber, you demonstrate a fierce pride for your company that we take with us as we tour the country demonstrating the boldness and tenacity of the Prairies.

In all performances, over 50 dancers and musicians demonstrate artistic excellence on the iconic Centennial Concert Hall stage – an experience supported by 100s of behind-the-scenes wardrobe artists, production staff and arts administrators. We have a common goal to make the world a happier and healthier place to be through the arts.




2024-25 Season Repertoire


November 7-10, 2024

A hauntingly beautiful tale of love, betrayal, and sacrifice that has enchanted audiences for centuries, Giselle is considered the pinnacle of Romantic ballets. Ethereal pointework choreographed by Peter Wright after Petipa and complex character acting by our artists make this a must-see event! Virtuous young villager Giselle is seduced by a disguised Duke Albrecht, and his secrets drive Giselle to despair and ultimately to her death. Her ghost joins the vengeful spirits of betrayed women who haunt the forest and lure men to dance to their deaths. Only Giselle’s undying love can sustain Albrecht when he becomes ensnared by the spirits’ magic.



December 20-23 & 26-28, 2024

Embark on a whimsical adventure brimming with nostalgia and uniquely Canadian charm that ignites at the strike of midnight when Clara’s enchanted nutcracker springs to life under a moonlit sky. From a captivating clash with the mischievous Mouse King to the resplendent realm of the Sugar Plum Fairy, this production captivates with its unique blend of prairie flair and timeless allure. Choreographed by esteemed RWB alumni Galina Yordanova and Nina Menon, and set to Tchaikovsky’s iconic score, this production not only showcases mesmerizing dance sequences but also boasts dazzling costumes and an awe-inspiring, masterfully-crafted set.


Jekyll & Hyde

March 6-10, 2025

Rated PG13 for Suggestive Content

Lose yourself in the Canadian premiere of a menacing new story ballet based on the novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. An exploration of duality and the interplay of good and evil within oneself unfolds as a fever dream on stage. Upstanding doctor Henry Jekyll is tormented by the twisted desires of his alter ego, Edward Hyde, and succumbs to temptation and self-destruction as he unleashes the darkest parts of himself upon London. His reality soon becomes stranger than fiction as his two personas fight for control. This dramatic depiction of human psychosis is told through Val Caniparoli’s signature choreographic lens and features music from renowned composer Frédéric Chopin and more.


Bolero with Angels in the Architecture and Hikarizatto

May 1-4, 2025

A dynamic mixed-repertoire program highlighting the history and versatile talents of the RWB. Mark Godden’s Angels in the Architecture, set to Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring, celebrates the spirit and creativity of the Shakers by infusing a balletic foundation with gestural movements and symbolic props. Bolero, an abstract contemporary work influenced by Maurice Ravel’s titular composition, pays homage to choreographer Stephan Azulay’s upbringing by incorporating stylistic attributes from farruca, a subset of flamenco. Itzik Galili’s electrifying Hikarizatto is a rhythmic journey of off-balance, hyper-kinetic movements and kaleidoscopic kicks that serves as a testament to the authenticity and vitality of dance.



May 22-24, 2025

Witness the magic of dance as the talented students in our Professional Division’s Ballet Academic Program (BAP) take centre stage for a transcendent year-end performance that showcases highlights from timeless classical masterpieces and unveils breathtaking new works. These performances feature the graduating class’s emerging artists as well as the entire BAP student body. Join us as our student artists demonstrate their dedication with every step, reflecting years of hard work and artistic exploration.

On the Edge

June 4-6, 2025

On the Edge is a celebration of the passion, talent, and commitment that propel the rising stars in the Anna McCowan-Johnson Aspirant Program towards exciting careers on stage. These captivating performances thrillingly weave together classical compositions and cutting-edge contemporary pieces, including some world premieres by guest choreographers and up-and-coming creators within the program, to showcase the versatility and profound artistry of the next generation of dancers.