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The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Studios are home to both the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School.

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Studios are home to both the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School.

Student Boarding

The RWB School Boarding Facility opened in 2022 and offers a safe, supportive environment for young artists as they pursue their goals in dance. It was designed with safety and security as top priorities and provides students with independence while maintaining a healthy routine. It creates a home-away-from-home atmosphere with a variety of spaces for students to connect, study or relax.


This five-level contemporary facility is built on top of the existing RWB parkade and connects to the RWB studios through an enclosed and secure passageway. It includes dance and fitness studios, state of the art classrooms, recreation and relaxation spaces, an outdoor greenspace, an expanded food service program, and more – all in the spirit of balancing professional training with livability and student comfort.

Our boarding facility provides permanent housing during the school year for up to 100 students (200 in Summer as the rooms are adapted for double occupancy), and includes 24-hour supervision and assistance as well as a range of security policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure the best care for the young artists living there.

The building includes a large and bright communal dining hall where our Head Chef and food service team prepare nutritious meals with input from our Registered Dietician who consults on the creation of monthly menus.

The living quarters contain primarily single dorm rooms; however, there are a few double rooms for those who would like a roommate for companionship and they all feature natural light. Other notable features include private washrooms and shower stalls for security, kitchenettes on each floor for students to practice their own food preparation skills, as well as laundry facilities. Students are expected to keep their rooms tidy, including doing their own laundry.

For students in grades six to nine there is a dedicated study hour from Monday to Saturday, with support from the residence team, to ensure they stay on top of their academics. Sunday is dedicated to rest and activities outside of dance. These are organized by the RWB or by student request and often include trips to the mall, visits to a park or going to the movies.

“Living on campus is a great bonding experience where you build life long friendships. A great learning experience, teaches responsibility and independence.” - RWB Professional Division Student


The Student Boarding team is made up of committed professionals in education, social work, sport and recreation, and psychology, all of whom possess First Aid and CPR certification as well as clear Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry background checks.

The Professional Division Principal oversees student safety, well-being, and development. The Principal is in regular contact with parents and facilitates open communication between the artistic faculty and the Student Boarding staff.

The School Managing Director oversees the operations of the Residence and Kitchen through direction to the Residence Manager and the Head Chef.

The Head Student Boarding Advisor is responsible for student life, programming and ensuring that all Residence policies and procedures are followed. The Advisor manages student supervision and discipline and is in regular contact with parents.

Student Care counsellors provide support and counseling services for all students and act as student advocates. They are in regular contact with parents as well as with our academic partner schools.

The Student Boarding Manager is responsible for day-to-day administration and facility management.

Student Boarding Advisors are responsible for day-to-day supervision of students. This team is enhanced in the summer months by seasonal Activity Workers.

Medical Support Team

The Medical Support Team at the RWB School provides health care services and works collaboratively to promote student health and well-being. In addition to in-house health care services, the Team may consult with and/or refer students to other health care professionals.

Child Protection

The RWB School is committed to providing quality dance education in a positive, healthy, and respectful environment. We work in service of creating safe spaces where individual abilities are celebrated and nurtured, and every student feels valued and supported. We have Healthy Dancer and Open Communication Policies that allow the adults in the different areas of our students’ lives – dance, Residence, home, academics, medical, etc. – to share information and provide support as a team, keeping in mind privacy considerations. Our work in this area is governed by our Child Protection Manual; this document has been carefully crafted with input from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and lead.

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