Steppin’ Out

Steppin’ Out

Steppin’ Out

Steppin’ Out is the annual performance for adults taking classes in our Recreational Division. It is an entertaining and engaging mixed program of ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and tap and designed to celebrate the performer in each of our dancers.

To the performers, Steppin’ Out is an opportunity to express themselves, build a level of comfort on stage and most of all share their love of dance with family and friends. These performers arrived at the RWB School with different goals in mind when signing up for dance; they may be continuing education, expressing their artistry, practicing for other stage performances, engaging in fitness or searching for comradery – whatever it may be, it’s all accomplished at Steppin’ Out.

Of all the performances in the RWB Founders’ Studio each year, Steppin’ Out hosts the most excited and vocal audience, full of family and friends who are there to encourage and support their dancer on stage. By celebrating a loved one’s personal ambition and dedication to dance, audiences will walk away smiling, inspired, proud and possibly even sign up for a class themselves.

We hope you will participate in our 80th season by joining us for Steppin’ Out. Tickets sell quickly, buy yours today!

Students may opt out of performing at Steppin’ Out and continue classes all year long. Students who opt out of Steppin’ Out at the start of the year frequently change their minds.

Photo Credit: Kristen Sawatzky

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